The court released the detainee in Armenia at the request of the United States of Russians

The court in Yerevan has refused to satisfy the petition of Prosecutor’s office on the temporary arrest of Russian citizen Sergei Mironov, who was detained in the U.S. on charges of money laundering and illegal arms exports. About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to its own correspondent from the courtroom.

“The court rejected the prosecution’s request on temporary arrest for 40 days of the detainee informed the citizen of Russia Sergey Mironov”, — quotes Agency the words of the Chairman of the meeting of judge Mnatsakan Martirosyan.

Mironov told reporters he was satisfied with the decision of the court, and his wife Yulia Mironova said that they return to Russia, reports “Interfax”. “We are back in Russia, but will definitely return to Armenia to organize our vacation, because this time we did not succeed”, — quotes its Agency.

The President of the Russian-Armenian Association of lawyers “Armros” Ruben Khachatryan in the interview with “RIA Novosti” said that the issue of possible extradition Mironov from Armenia to USA is not yet closed. According to him, it will be resolved within 40 days. Prior to this, according to him, Mironov will be on the loose, but in Yerevan, but not in Russia.

Opportunities to leave Armenia the Russians will not, said Kirakosyan. The functions of guarantor of stay Mirnov in Yerevan took over the Consulate of Russia, he added.

About the arrest of 30-year-old citizen of Russia Sergey Mironov became known over the weekend. As said the lawyer, Karen Nersesyan Russian, Mironov was arrested along with his wife on the arrival in Yerevan of the Moscow security Service of Armenia. The request for detention, he said, was sent from the United States. According to Nersesyan, his client during the arrest, announced that he is wanted by U.S. authorities for laundering $50 million and the transfer of some technologies.

Then the defender said that his client is working regular programmer in the company associated with the Railways and metro, and has access to some secret technology.