Changes in the CID called the impact of elimination of Federal drug control service

One of the oldest departments of the Metropolitan police — the Moscow criminal investigation Department (CID) — will be reformed. This was told by a source in the interior Ministry and a source close to GU MVD in Moscow. On the transformation of Moore’s August 30, also reported by ITAR-TASS and “Kommersant”.

According to a source in the interior Ministry, the state removed several divisions of Moore, including operatives who were responsible for the investigation of cases involving illicit drug trafficking. According to ITAR-TASS, also disbanded the main investigation Department of the Moi in Moscow, remained a “homicide”, which investigates murders. On the basis of the fourth operational-investigative part of the Mur, which is engaged in the drug, creates a new part, which will deal with fraud, sources say ITAR-TASS.

Source Agency explained that the reform of the criminal investigation due to the fact that “the leadership of the Moscow cupola MIA is trying to achieve not only efficiency, but also to get rid of corrupt officials”. According to the source, the staff withdrawn, and the employees who are somehow connected with the press — to deal with the so-called leaks of operational information to the media.

Transformations are associated with the liquidation of the Federal service for control over drug trafficking (FSKN) Vladimir Putin in April of this year, reassigned police have also been eliminated and reassigned to the Federal migration service), said the source in the interior Ministry.

The head of the FDCS since 2008, it was Viktor Ivanov, and FMS since 2005, was headed by Konstantin Romodanovsky. Ivanov previously worked in the presidential administration, in charge of human policy, and Romodanovsky to service the FMS was the head of management of own safety of Ministry of internal Affairs. After joining the services of the MIA issue on the work of Ivanov and Romodanovsky remains open.

The interior Ministry after the accession of the Federal drug control service was created by the General Directorate for control over drug trafficking (GUNK), which was headed by Mikhail Vanichkin.

The staff was then withdrawn thousands of employees FDCS, many do not have a place in the operating units of the police, so the converted, MOORE may be one of the places for employment police.

Lose his post as a result of reforms to the current head of Moore Igor Zinoviev, who headed the office in 2014, is unclear. “Kommersant” reports that Zinoviev designate a leadership position in one of the territorial departments of the police. The source of ITAR-TASS also claims that Zinoviev will retire, but noted that replacement is not found.