Opponents of urban policy of Moscow city hall has created a movement

About creating a new movement “For Moscow”, which unites the opponents of urban policy officials, said Galina Makarova, the activist of initiative group of inhabitants of Timiryazev area, that protect from the development of Park “oaklets”. According to her, the movement “For Moscow” held its first meeting on Sunday, August 28.

“In total, the meeting was attended by representatives of 15 districts of Moscow, including activists of the movement “New Moscow”, which protects from development of New Moscow”, — said Makarov.

“Our movement “New Moscow” became the movement “For Moscow,” because we realized that the problem we have is one — it is a massive building, which, as in the case with the New Moscow area, give almost all of the forest,” — said the reasons for the creation of new public bodies member of Council of the movement “New Moscow” Alina Salnikova. According to her, in the new structure between the activists will be divided responsibilities: one will be engaged in legal work, others with creativity, and someone will use the experience of the protection of the regional facilities on the street.

The movement “For Moscow” in addition to the defenders of Park “oaklets” joined the initiative group of opponents building Butyrskaya farm forest Park “Kuskovo”, “North Sloboda”, Teply Stan, Yasenevo, Torfyanka Park”, etc.

As noted by Makarov, after the creation of the movement “For Moscow” activists sent appeals to the government of Moscow and the Prosecutor’s office to ensure compliance with the so-called law on silence that, in particular, prohibited to carry out construction work in excess of admissible norms of noise from 23:00 to 7:00.

According to Makarova, the law is actually implemented and the police had the right not just to warn builders about the need to complete the work, but also to bring an order to this, it is necessary that the capital of the Department of the interior Ministry and the Moscow government signed a special agreement. “In the meantime, no agreement, no police, in fact, can only be to threaten with a finger, and builders to continue work at night,” explains the activist.

The activists of the movement “For Moscow” intend to engage in legal assistance to file lawsuits to the city authorities, to submit to each other in the courts, as well as to organize direct action: picketing, to insist on personal meetings with the leaders of the Moscow construction complex. Also, the movement plans to nominate a group of observers in the elections in September this year.

The idea to join the movement, according to Makarova, between the city’s protectors were discussed throughout the year — since that moment as in many areas of the capital began to break out the conflicts between local residents and developers.

In the summer of 2015 with a loud conflict in Moscow was connected with the plans of the city authorities to erect a monument to Prince Vladimir on the Sparrow hills in front of Moscow state University. After joined the conflict municipal Council of the district of Ramenki, the decision on the construction of the monument was abolished, subsequently, the project was moved to the Borovitsky area.

Another scandal occurred last summer in LOSINOOSTROVSKY district of Moscow, where the Russian Orthodox Church was planning to build a pre-fabricated Church in the Park “TORRANCE”. Against the construction of the temple was made by local residents, in support of the activists of the youth Orthodox movement “forty times Forty”. In the end, the officials postponed the project for the construction of the temple to another location.

Inhabitants of houses near the Park of Friendship in the area of metro station “River station” from August 2015, the fight against the construction of a football field. Defenders permanently detained by the police, which dispersed the spontaneous camp of the city’s protectors at the construction site of the stadium. These conflicts were provoked activists to the coalition for the protection of land rights and a clean environment in November 2015.

On Tuesday, August 30, the movement “For Moscow” will hold its first event — a rally against the building of Park “oaklets” in Timiryazevsky district of the capital.