Opposition candidates to the state Duma complained to the leader of the “Antimaydana”

The CEC head Ella Pamfilova received a complaint about the use of administrative resources by the candidate from “United Russia” in state Duma deputies, Senator Dmitry Sablin, elected in Novomoskovsk constituency (No. 202). The appeal was signed by six of the 12 candidates, nominated from this district: Igor Saginbaev from the Communist party, Andrei Rudkovsky from LDPR Oleg Beznisko from PARNASSUS, Dmitry Kravchenko from “Communists of Russia”, Alina Salnikova from Yabloko and Aleksandr Tarnavskiy from the “Fair Russia”.

Candidates report that the County Commission was filed more than 30 complaints, most of which points to the use of administrative resources: “placing a candidate on the administrative boards, the provision of free premises, daily calls to seniors, “treatment” of people in social security, the giving of any good, even made at the expense of budgets of settlements, as the activities of the candidate, weekly interview with the candidate Sablin in district Newspapers”.

According to Saginbaeva who filed all the complaints, he also wrote a statement to the placement of their materials on the stands and appealed to the County newspaper, but did not get permission. All complaints have been duplicated in the CEC, which “pulled” them to the Moscow city election Commission and the County Commission that no violations were found, said the Communist.

The appeal also mentions the case, “when one of the public events (opening of stadium), after a hearty treats, retirees were asked to stand and sing “Hallelujah, Dmitry V. Sablin, Hallelujah.” The representative of the electoral headquarters Sablin said that “this was not.

The authors of the complaint ask Pamfilova to take measures to prevent the illegal activities of the administrations of Troitsk and Novomoskovsk districts, regional media centers, social security, illegal use of personal data, barriers to holding public events and locations in the stands.

The complaint refers to “allegations” of candidates who are trying to campaign to attract the attention of representative, Sablin. According to him, the advantage Sablina there is only that “he is on his own media man”.

The CEC often submitting complaints that do not set forth specific facts proving an administrative offense, and to check that it is not possible, said one of the members of the Central election Commission on condition of anonymity.

Sablin is one of the richest senators (Moscow region), Creator of the movement “Intimidad”, was a member from 2003 to 2013. Business and property Sablina after the creation of the “Antimaydana” analyzed the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The FCO argued that Sablin is undeclared the house on Rublevsky highway and several cars. “It turns out that the militant Deputy Dmitry Sablin married to the niece of the former Governor of Moscow region Gromov, the same in which the budget has cut billions of dollars very directly by decisions of the Minister of Finance,” wrote Navalny in his blog.

Sablin had insisted on the recognition of this information is untrue and won the case in January 2016 against Navalny. Lublin Moscow court ordered the opposition leader to pay more than 400 thousand rubles on the suit on protection of honor and dignity of a Senator.