The new Minister of education announced the dismissal of its Vice

The new Minister of education and science (Ministry of education) Olga Vasilieva, came to the office of the presidential administration, started to change the team that collected the former head of Department Dmitry Livanov. As reported by two sources in the Ministry of education, human resources Minister announced during the workshop. According to one of the interlocutors, a meeting was held yesterday, August 29.

The new Minister has released from posts of three deputies and three heads of departments. So, the sacked Deputy Alexander Klimov, Ekaterina Tolstikova and Alexander Povalko.They were in charge of the most important directions of work of the Ministry — in particular, tendering procedures, information policy, personnel policy, property, financial matters, etc.

Also lost his post of the heads of the leading departments of information policy Department Anna Usacheva, the property Department Alexander Kharchenko, Department of civil service, personnel and management Affairs Vladimir Golubovsky and Department of state policy in the sphere of education of children and youth Alexander Stradze.

All the deputies or heads of Department, except Stradze, still are the leaders on the website of the Ministry of education. “Stradze she fired first, then fired the people who were responsible for important areas of work of the Ministry — public relations, property issues, and personnel,” the source says. Another source in the Ministry said that, dismissing Stradze, Vasiliev perepodchinenie the youth policy itself.

Replacement new deputies yet, said the source . The head of the press service of the Minister is paceway will be Andrei Emelyanov, who worked in the administration of public projects of the presidential administration, says one of the interlocutors . This office is headed by Pavel Zenkovich, whose Deputy prior to his appointment on 19 August was Vasiliev.

In the management of Zenkovich, as told to sources in the presidential administration, Vasiliev was in charge of issues related to the implementation of public projects in education. She has lectured on conservatism in the “United Russia”, including on intra-party workshops that were organized by political block of the Kremlin, and also worked through the concept of teaching history and Russian language in schools.

Vasiliev also actively participated in the organization of youth projects and cooperation with religious organizations, says a source close to the Ministry of education. In particular, Vasiliev organized a youth forum “Tavrida” in the Crimea, which this year was attended by Vladimir Putin.

To the administration of the President Vasiliev worked in the Department of culture of the government. Her research specialization is the history of the Russian Orthodox Church in the twentieth century. In Ranepa Vasilyev — head of the Department of Church-state relations. To the administration he worked in the government.

A few days after the appointment, August 29, Vasiliev met with Patriarch Kirill. She stated that the priority for her education, and quoted albert Eistein about the role of schools in shaping the personality.

“Einstein said that the school creates a person, not a specialist… a teacher, a doctor and a priest is a Ministry. Little man because of the teacher, his moral heroism and the ideal that comes into life and takes her with dignity all the difficulties,” she said. Education is based on Russian literature and history, the Minister added.