The white house denounced the Turkish operation against the Syrian opposition

“Further action against the Syrian democratic forces will only complicate efforts to establish a unified front integrasco for which we stand”, — quotes Reuters the words of Rhodes at a briefing in the White house.

Rhodes also said that President Barack Obama will meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 4 September at the summit of “Big twenty” in Beijing.

According to Rhodes, Obama plans to discuss with his Turkish counterpart the recent coup attempt in Turkey, as well as the “joint opposition “Islamic state” (recognized organization banned in Russia).

Rhodes also expects that Obama will be able to hold a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said that while the White house has no information about the possibility of holding a formal bilateral meeting between the two leaders. Rhodes added that he expects a meeting on the sidelines of the summit. Details of a possible conversation, he did not say, but noted that generally discussed the Ukrainian and Syrian issues.