In the United States called a “joke” statement of Russia on liquidation of the press Secretary of ISIS

Approval of Russia about the death of the speaker of the “Islamic state” (ISIS banned in Russia organization) Muhammad al-Adnani in an airstrike Russian bomber su-34 unreliable. Reuters said us officials from the defense sector.

“The Russian approval is a joke,” said one of the interlocutors of the Agency.

A White house spokesman told Reuters that the Obama administration has no evidence to support the information of the Russian Ministry of defense.

The Pentagon spokesman also said that the defense Ministry has no information confirming that Russian airstrike, which destroyed the speaker LIH. “We have no information confirming the statement of the Russian side that they also struck Adnani,” said Pentagon spokesman Peter cook at the briefing.

August 31, the Russian defense Ministry said that Adnani, whose death on the eve of the announced fighters, were killed in the result of the impact of the Russian bomber su-34. The Ministry said that on August 30, the strike was a “gathering of ISIS militants numbering up to 40 people” in the area of Maarfat-Umm-Haouch province of Aleppo. Among the militants was the “field commander Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, better known as “the official representative for the media” international terrorist group “Islamic state”, pointing to the defense Ministry.

Source Reuters at the Pentagon, commenting on the death of the speaker of the IG, told the news Agency that the U.S.-led coalition airstrike on a car in which could be Mohammed al-Adnani. The source clarified that he was the target of the attack.