Over the three years illegally withdrew 1.2 trillion rubles

Over the three years illegally withdrew 1.2 trillion rubles

Moscow. August 31. The audit chamber has estimated the scale of illegal withdrawal of capital via fictitious import-export operations in 2013-2015 1.2 trillion rubles, the newspaper “Vedomosti”. The auditors found that the funds are derived via one-day firms.

The chamber came to the conclusion that the fight against illegal capital flight is extremely inefficient.

Thus, the Customs service (FCS) over the past three years, filed and referred to the Rosfinnadzor 17 374 cases of offenses in the sphere of currency control and regulation. Rosfinnadzor has imposed on violators 663,4 bn of fines, the budget did in the end, only 3 million rubles., or 0.0005% of the amount of violations, records of audit. In this part levied by the court funds were returned to the companies.

As noted, often be prosecuted for the illegal export of capital becomes certain: increasingly identified violations with the expired limitation period of bringing to responsibility. In 2013, these cases were 7.4%, while in 2015 – a third, considered by the auditors. Yet as consistently reduces the number of checks of observance of the currency legislation, complains the chamber in 2013 checked only 6% of all foreign trade transactions in 2014 and 5.6%, in 2015 – only 4.1%. Convicted for illegal withdrawal of capital in 2013, three people in 2014, three in 2015 to eight, with five released on Amnesty, estimated by the chamber.

The office of Tatiana Golikova, and was previously criticized by the Rosfinnadzor: because of the reduced functionality, this service could only issue a fine based on the checks that held the FCS and tax service (FTS). The share of hopeless debt in the FCS reaches 99,9%, on 80.3 per cent, reported by gokudera. In February 2016, Rosfinnadzor has been eliminated; now FCS and on the penalties prescribed for yourself.

Through one-day firms the money derived abroad through fictitious contracts, then these firms throw or preregistered. Predprinimatelyu easier to register a new company than to pay the fine. Minor authorized capital for LLC – 10 000 RUB. – allows one individual to register a virtually unlimited number of companies in different regions, it is liable only in the amount of the share capital are contained in the report of the accounting chamber the words of the auditor Sergei Shtogrin. He cites the example of one entrepreneur that founded 1243 companies, through which for three years was illegally withdrawn from the country RUB 0.5 billion.

The data of the accounting chamber are practically identical with those of the Central Bank. For 2013-2015, the volume of suspicious cross-border operations was $36.6 billion, follows from the data of the Central Bank. To the dubious operations of the Central Bank include not only suspicious of the foreign trade transaction, but also similar to the fiction of transactions with securities, loans and transfer funds to their own accounts.