Putin announced the agreement with the U.S. on Syria in the near future

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin admitted that in the near future an agreement is reached with the USA on the fight against terrorists in Syria. In an interview with Bloomberg, the text of which is available on the official website of the President, he noted that the negotiations with the American partners “are very difficult”.

“But still, in my opinion, we are gradually moving in the right direction, and do not exclude that in the near future can have something to negotiate and present the world community with our agreement”, — said Putin. He added that while early to speak about it.

The Russian President praised Secretary of state John Kerry for “patience and perseverance,” noting that he did “tremendous work”. Putin also noted that Moscow is in contact with the Turkish authorities on political and military lines.

The head of state explained that an important part of the negotiations with the US is the clarification of who is the moderate opposition to the Syrian government and some terrorists.

In late August, the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov said on the intensification of contacts between the Russian and us military coordination of air strikes on terrorists in Syria.

The meeting between Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama scheduled in the framework of the summit of G20 which will take place from Sunday to Monday in China.