In Kazakhstan, announced the prevention of terrorist attacks using aircraft

In Alma-ATA region of Kazakhstan arrested extremists were planning to hijack a plane to commit a terrorist attack similar to the attacks of 11 September 2001 in the USA, informs “RIA Novosti” with reference to the message of the national security Committee (KNB). According to Kazakh intelligence, the suspects studied the possibility of theft of the aircraft from the airfield of the city of Taldy-Kurgan.

The NSC also spoke about the failure of the terrorist attacks in Moscow and Kazakhstan, which the extremists were going to commit by analogy with the series of armed attacks in Paris that took place in November 2015. In the materials distributed by the Agency at a briefing on Monday, said that five suspects were detained in Almaty in February and sentenced for terrorist activities, according to “Interfax-Kazakhstan”.

According to the CBN, in Moscow attacks prepared four citizens from the countries of Central Asia, who were detained by Russian special services.” It is established that the criminals were planning to commit terrorist attacks in Moscow during a victory Day celebration,” reads provided by the Ministry of information.

In early may, the FSB reported about detention “group of citizens of Central Asian countries, planned to carry out a series of terrorist acts”. In a statement the secret service said that the suspects acted “on the instructions of leaders of the international terrorist organizations operating in Syria and Turkey.”

The press service of the Committee also confirmed that in the Karaganda region, was detained terrorists who planned the attack on the Russian military base, located near the city of Balkhash. In early July it was reported about detention of suspects who after the attack was going to go to Syria. Among the goals of terrorists “was seen by the Russian military unit near Balkhash town”, confirmed the CSS.

According to open sources, near Balkhash is based on the Russian radar station “Dnipro”, which is included in the system of missile warning.

Since the beginning of the year, according to the statements of the KNB, Kazakhstan was liquidated eight radical groups, some of whom had ties with international terrorists. In particular, 12 to 30 August in West Kazakhstan and Aktobe regions were arrested 21 people who were planning attacks on employees of power structures and acts of terrorism in places of a mass finding of people noted in the secret service.

In mid-August, Kazakhstan extended until 2017, action yellow, the penultimate level of terrorist threat. It was introduced in early summer when in Aktobe and seven people died in the attack on the gun shop and military unit. In July, five people were killed during attacks on a police station in Alma-ATA.