Putin has called “utter nonsense” words about the threat of Russia to Baltic States

Assumptions concerning possible threats from Russia to the Baltic States, are “nonsense”. The President of Russia said in an interview with Bloomberg editor-in-chief John Micklethwait, the transcript of which I published a press-service of the Kremlin.

During the conversation, Micklethwait suggested that, in the opinion of the West, the roots of distrust of Russia are rooted in Moscow’s desire to expand its zone of influence” and “control the border of the country.” “Now, of course, nervousness, mainly because of the Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania). You talked about trust. You can say something that would reassure them on this score?” – asked the reporter.

“I think that all sensible people who are really doing politics, you know that the links to the threats from Russia against, say, the Baltic States – this is complete nonsense,” Putin said. – Are we going to fight with NATO?”.

The President recalled that the NATO countries to live “somewhere 600 million” people, and in Russia — 146 million. According to Putin, Russia is a “major nuclear power”. “But are you really suggesting that we’re going to conquer the Baltic States using nuclear weapons? That kind of nonsense?” — continued the head of state.

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