The investigator of the “Magnitsky list” received three months in prison in Britain

London’s high court sentenced a former investigator of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Pavel Karpov, to three months imprisonment for contempt of court. This was reported by the portal Law and Order in Russia, organized with the support of businessman William Browder, who was to be tried repeatedly with Karpov.

According to the portal, the decision of the court based on the absence of Karpov in court this summer to testify at the delay in the payment of his debt to Browder at £660 thousand

In conversation with Karpov confirmed the court’s decision, but added that it only works in the UK, whereas access to the country has already closed.

In 2008, Karpov led the investigation related to tax evasion. According to investigators, the businessman fond of Browder’s Hermitage Capital brought from the Russian budget more than 5 billion rubles was Assisted by lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who was arrested, and a year later died in prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”.

Browder, the head of Firestone Jamison Firestone claim that their colleagues Magnitsky was arrested after he exposed corruption schemes to which, according to them, was involved in Karpov and other officers.