Clinton said the threat of Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton said that the potential Russian interference in the election process of the President is a serious threat that needs to be addressed quickly and reliably, according to Bloomberg.

Noting that the attempt at foreign manipulation of the U.S. political system “almost incomprehensible”, Clinton said that the Russian President and his aides seem to think that they will get some benefit.

“We must clearly realize that we will not allow anyone to interfere,” Clinton told reporters accompanying her in the course of the campaign in the Midwest.

The candidate of the Democrats did not name any specific steps it plans to take for protection from foreign intervention, but cited the statement of US President Barack Obama that the US have capabilities for the protection and for the attack, and called on all countries to take measures against incitement of the cold war, in cyberspace.

Earlier, on 5 September, The Washington Post, citing high-ranking sources said that U.S. intelligence agencies are investigating a “covert operation” of Russian interference in presidential elections in the United States. According to interlocutors of publication, the FBI and the National intelligence suspected that Moscow planned to undermine the confidence of American voters to the political institutions of the country.