The MICEX index for the first time in history broke the mark of 2000 points

The MICEX index, one of the main indices of the Moscow exchange for the first time in history exceeded the mark of 2000 points, according to data exchange. According to 16:22 MSK MICEX index rose 1.19% to 2000,39 points.

The RTS index according to at 16:30 Moscow time has grown on 2,21%, to 965,87 points.

The MICEX index is based on shares of Russian companies representing the key sectors of the economy, including Rosneft, Gazprom, Sberbank, LUKOIL, NOVATEK, etc.

So, VTB shares rise for second day in a row at high speed, hitting a new high since April. If 10:00 action VTB was worth 0,07037 RUB, at 16:29 its price has risen to 0,7355 rubles (+4.5 percent). Historical maximum on Friday also updated ordinary shares — they grew up with 144,46 RUB per share at 10:00 MSK to 145.5 16:29 GMT (+0,72%). The action “Rusala” at 10:00 Moscow time cost 236,5 RUB, 16:29 GMT — 242,7 RUB (+2,41%). Value of a share of LUKOIL increased from RUB 2944,5 10:00 p.m. 2999,5 RUB 16:29 GMT (+1,87%).

The head of the dealing center of Metallinvestbank Sergey Romanchuk notes that MICEX rose above the psychological mark of 2000 points after oil and the ruble. Today, September 2, Brent increased from $45,5 per barrel at 9:30 GMT to $46,5 16:29 GMT. “If you look at the RTS index, which is measured in dollar terms for Russian shares, so sure of dynamics, it does not show” — said Romanchuk.

Overall, the growth of indexes on Friday, September 2, may indicate that the pessimism that existed in the market could be redundant, indicates Romanchuk. “Growth stocks may indicate future economic growth. According to the Central Bank, improved estimates of business activity, expectations for inflation. It is possible that the shares breaking below this level will continue to rise. By reducing political risk can begin the inflow of foreign investments that will be good for the economy”, — said the head of the dealing center Metallinvestbank.

Trades can be closed positive on Friday—Monday, to stay at the level of more than 2000 points, said Director General of the UK “Satellite asset Management” Alexander Losev. “The first factor, which affected the index — oil, which turned on the words of Putin on the forum about the limitations of the production. If nothing happens, then Friday is likely to close on a positive note. Plus, we have Monday will be the G20 summit, which could be announced positive news related to projects in Russia, so we can keep the level of over 2000 points on Monday. Still, the strengthening of the ruble and the rising cost of oil adds some positivity to the market,” he said .

The MICEX index closed with a plus: he added a day to 1.36% and reached a value of 2003,77 points.