Landing in the Komi Republic: how the court has arrested top managers of structures “Renova”

Landing in the Komi Republic: how the court has arrested top managers of structures “Renova”

The Syktyvkar city court of the Komi Republic issued a decision to arrest
managing Director of “Renova” Yevhen Olkhovyk and head of the “T Plus” controlled by “Renova”, Boris wainzinher to 5 and 6 November, respectively. Former General Director of “VimpelCom” Mikhail Slobodin declared wanted, said the judge at the hearing on the petition for arrest of Olkhovyk.

As told the correspondent of TV channel Yurgan TV from the courtroom, as a possible preventive measure the protection offered to elect house arrest, and the pledge of 280 million rubles for the Olkhovyk and house arrest for wainzinher. However, the court denied these motions. The decision on arrest for 2 months in jail — No. 1 of Syktyvkar is due to the fact that the representatives of “T plus” to oppose the investigation, without providing access to the information server, the company said the judge.

The court arrested the co-owner of “Renova” Yevhen Olkhovyk on charges of bribery

The Syktyvkar court has arrested the managing Director and co-owner of “Renova” Yevhen Olkhovyk for 2 months. Now there is a similar meeting in respect of another defendant in the case of bribery in the Komi – Boris wainzinher, ex-Director of “T-plus”.

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Vainzikher and olkhovyk was delivered to the Komi Republic on 6 September, accompanied by riot policemen and operatives of the FSB, told the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to sources.

Former co-owner of group of companies “Renova” Yevhen olkhovyk during a meeting in Syktyvkar city court. 7 Sep 2016

Photo: Natalia kazakovtseva/TASS

Traces Gayzer

5 September in the office of “Renova” and controlled the “T Plus” (former IES holding) in Moscow were searched. As reported in the UK, top managers became involved in the case of giving multimillion-dollar bribes to former officials in the Komi Republic. “Investigations conducted in connection with the work of “T Plus” in the Republic of Komi, concern the period when the head of the Republic was the team of former Governor Vyacheslav Gaizer,” — said the official representative of “Renova” Andrey Shtorkh.

September 7 one of the articles of charges Gayzer was changed to a more serious — receiving a bribe in especially large size. Bribe the investigation considers the receipt of assets of former Senator Eugene Samoilov. This was told by two sources close to the investigation confirmed the defendant’s lawyer Vyacheslav Leontiev.

Forbes, citing sources familiar with the persons involved and the circumstances of the case said that evidence against the Olkhovyk, wainzinher and slobodina in exchange for a reduced sentence gave Gaiser. Later, the lawyer Gaiser denied this information. “You’re lying. My client never questioned in the criminal case”, — said Vyacheslav Leontyev.

The Case Gayzer

The former head of Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gaizer was detained in mid-September 2015 in Moscow’s Domodedovo airport when flying on vacation with a stopover in the capital. September 20, the Basmanny court issued a warrant for his arrest and the arrest of another 15 people. Detention was also Deputy head of the head of Republic Alexey Chernov, Deputy Chairman of the government of Komi Konstantin Romadanov and former Senator from the region Yevgeny Samoilov.

According to investigators, Gaiser and the other defendants created a criminal organization and committed a theft of budget funds and shares of profitable companies. Immediately after their detention the case featured two episodes of fraud — theft of a 50% stake in the hotel “avalon” in the city of Syktyvkar and the output shares of JSC “Poultry zelenetskaya”. According to the prosecution, they changed the assets of the factory on the shares of illiquid companies and subsequently underpaid in the budget of the Republic more than 900 million rubles, which should pay dividends.

The Gaiser pleads not guilty, says his lawyer Vyacheslav Leontiev. But even during the arrests of the leadership of the Republic in court it became known that a confession was given by ex-Senator Samoilov.

A spokesman for the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin explained that searches in “Renove” and “T Plus” associated with the case of bribery in especially large size (part 5 of article 291 of the criminal code) former management of the Komi Republic. Mikhail Slobodin, Yevhen olkhovyk, Boris Vainzikher, consistently led the CEC in the period from 2007 to 2014.

As follows from the materials of the UK, 2007-2014, the authorities of the Komi Republic has established the most favorable to the energy company tariffs and provided her with other benefits. Instead, they, according to investigators, he received from the “T Plus” more than 800 million rubles of bribes, as well as 38% of the company “Komi energy retail company” through offshore companies. According to investigators, the cost of shares not less than 100 million rubles, According to “SPARK-Interfax” as of March 31, 2016, offshore companies Decisis Holding Inc. and Heterson Management Limited belongs 36,93% “Komi energy retail company”. More of 26.07% owned by the company “Prom invest”, Director and owner of 85% stake which is a kind of Natalia Parshina, 16,42% of the shares owned by the Moscow company “Infosant”, almost 8% belongs to individuals. Do these company’s attitude towards the former leadership of the Komi is unknown.

The defendants in the case

According to investigators, in the period when olkhovyk and Vainziher headed the company, according to their instructions in bribes to former officials of the Komi Republic were transferred to at least 177 million and RUB 89 million, respectively. Not included in the message, what exactly investigators suspect slobodina. However, according to the publication of Legal.Report it Slobodin has created a criminal scheme “KES-Holding”.

In 2003, Slobodin participated in the creation of KES and led the company until 2011. In 2013, in an interview with “Vedomosti”, who led the “VimpelCom” Slobodin told that it remains a co-owner of IES and continues to monitor the development of the company. After the arrest of Olkhovyk and wainzinher Slobodin resigned from VimpelCom. In a letter to employees, which was published by “Vedomosti”, Slobodin has explained that “thought is impossible and wrong” in the interests of shareholders, management and employees of the company to continue as CEO. No real complaints and facts has not yet filed, the proceedings can last a very long time, he commented on the criminal case. Earlier, he said that once back in Russia, he is ready to answer all the questions of the investigators. In addition, Slobodin left the Supervisory Board of “Alfa-group” Mikhail Fridman. The number of members of the Supervisory Board reduced from 13 to 12 people, the mention of Slobodin disappeared from the site group. He entered the Supervisory Board in January 2016.

A letter to the President

9 August 2016, the acting head of the Republic of Komi Sergei Gaplikov wrote a letter to President Vladimir Putin with the complaint to the state of emergency Vorkutinskaya CHPP, T Plus put up for sale. On 17 August, he had discussed the matter with the President during personal meeting, which was shown on national television.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, I wanted to ask to the government is strengthened in this plan work, we had help, we brought the system to the required working condition in the heating period. And I wanted to ask to instruct law enforcement bodies to understand what is reason, addressed to the head of state Gaplikov. “Sure, let’s do that. This irresponsibility must be stopped”, — Putin promised.

The next day the Prosecutor General’s office began checking the readiness of systems Vorkuta to work in winter conditions. “Together with law enforcement and regulatory agencies will be given a legal assessment of the causes of failure of the operator of combined heat and power measures for its proper maintenance and repair”, — stated in the message.

In late August, Vainziher reported to the Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who oversees energy, about the program of modernization of power facilities Vorkutinskaya CHPP until 2019, worth more than 1.7 billion rubles. He said that the accumulated debts of end-users in the amount of 6.23 billion rubles to the plant may limit the development of the energy system of the region.