WP called 10 potential military conflicts due to the destruction of IG

The attack of opponents of the IG to the positions of this terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria, the emergence of new hotbeds of military conflicts, says the Washington Post correspondent in the middle East Liz sly. She noted that in the region are brewing at least ten new wars, some of which are actually going.

First, the Syrian Kurds, supported by the United States, gained control over North-Eastern Syria and began to occupy the territories inhabited by Arabs. This provoked resistance from the Arab factions opposed to the government of Bashar al-Assad and relies on the help of Turkey.

Turkey is also alarmed by the emergence of Kurdish autonomy in northeast Syria, as fighting with Kurdish separatists on its territory. Ankara began construction of a wall on the border with the Syrian Kurds and it can go on the invasion, if the situation escalates.

The autonomy of the Syrian Kurds contradicts the Assad plans to restore the territorial integrity of Syria. Government forces have engaged in intermittent clashes with the Kurdish militia, until a truce was declared.

According to the journalist of WP, still can not be excluded a direct military confrontation between the Syrian army and the United States. Sly recalls that Washington for five years calls for the departure of Assad as President of Syria, and noted that the attack on the ISIS held city of raqqa lead from opposite directions, the Syrian army and the coalition forces of the Arabs and the Kurds with US support.

The fifth potential conflicts WP calls the war between Turkey and Syria. Ankara, which is now conducting an operation against ISIS in Northern Syria, has long opposed Assad. If the fighting goes well, the Turkish troops may go to Aleppo, where clashes between the Syrian army, the opposition and ISIS.

On the wave of successful military operations against ISIS in Iraq, the Iraqi Kurds have expanded their sphere of influence on the previously government-controlled territory. Authorities in Baghdad said that after the defeat of ISIS they intend to return to the land. The Kurds have said that will not yield reclaimed areas.

Potential conflict with Iraqi Kurds may also occur between them and the Shiite militia supported by Iran, which also participates in combogenie Iraq from ISIS. It has already started to push the Kurds in the area of contact.

Significant inconsistencies exist among the Kurds, who are United only in establishing an independent state. Iraqi Kurds divided into two factions, which in the 1990-ies were engaged in a combat action. One of these factions at war with the Kurds controlling Northern Syria, and the other is their ally.

As the WP, during the fighting against ISIS Kurdish and Shia forces have occupied the territory inhabited by Sunni Arabs. Sly recalled the precedents, when the Kurds and the Shiites was carried out reprisals against Sunnis. This, in her opinion, could lead to a new rebellion. In Syria, the civil war is partly a conflict between the Alawite government and Sunni majority, and in Iraq are the Shiite majority causes discontent of the Sunni minority.

The tenth potential conflict WP considers a war between the remnants of the forces of the “Islamic state” against anyone they deem their enemy.

Sly also notes that the split among the opponents of the IG holds a full-scale offensive on the Syrian city of raqqa and the Iraqi city of Mosul, which are in the hands of terrorists. The correspondent concludes that the military victory is not backed by a political settlement, only generate long-term instability in the region, which can lead to the emergence of new terrorist organizations.