The head of US intelligence has accused Russia of constant hacker attacks

Director of national intelligence James Clapper said Wednesday that the recent hacker attacks on computer networks of the Democratic party was probably done by the Russians, according to The Wall Street Journal. Speaking at a conference of intelligence officers, he referred to President Barack Obama, who in late July said that “experts believe that this Russian”.

According to Clapper, it will not “run ahead of the President on this issue, particularly until the [FBI] are investigating. The head of the U.S. intelligence reminded that Obama also said that “Russians are constantly hacking into our systems, not only public but also private”.

Clapper referred to the interview with Obama on NBC in late July, in which the President admitted that Russia may try to influence the election campaign in the United States.

Clapper added that “we also receive the Chinese and others, including acting in private”. He concluded that cyber attacks will become a big issue for the next presidential administration.

In late July, Clapper also touched on the issue of cyber attacks on the Democrats, saying that it is too early to draw conclusions about the involvement of Russian authorities to the hacking of the mail servers of the national Committee of the Democratic party.

In recent months, the Internet was published the materials allegedly stolen from the computer systems of the various structures of the Democratic party that led to the resignation of its leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Experts assumed that these actions are hackers associated with the Russian special services.

In addition, the FBI started an investigation about the possible involvement of Russian hackers for penetration into the system of election commissions in the States of Illinois and Arizona.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a recent interview to TV channel Bloomberg said that the allegations about the involvement of the Russian authorities to hacker attacks on the Democratic party are not true. He noted that cyber criminals can show in the right place at the right time your mark”, pretending that there are “other territories from other countries.”

Russian and U.S. presidents discussed cybersecurity during a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit in China. About the details of their conversations on this topic were not reported.