The liberal democratic party walked all party spending on campaign

On the campaign accounts of all the 14 political parties participating in elections during the electoral campaign, received about 2.2 billion rubles., of which they had to spend 1.7 billion rubles This follows from published on the website of the CEC “Information on the receipt of funds to election funds of political parties and the expenditure of these funds.” The report covers the period since the opening of the election account to the 6th of September.

The liberal democratic party ahead

Most of the money spent LDPR — 528 million rubles a Large part of 422 million roubles — went to the production and distribution of printed materials. About 64 million rubles went to the organization broadcasting through the media. All at the expense of the party received 554 million rubles.

Member of the Supreme Council of the liberal democratic party Mikhail Degtyarev explained the big spending party, the liberal democratic party believes this election is very important. “Very expensive time on TV, on the radio, everything is very expensive, we have to agree on those prices, which expose us to our counterparties,” — said the Deputy. In addition, the liberal democratic party issued “several tens of millions of campaign materials that have value as scientific and literary writings of Chairman of the party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky,” said Degtyarev. “After the elections they will be read and transmit by inheritance our voters, and all the trash of our competitors after 18 September will forget,” he said.

The liberal democratic party has all the chances to show good results, said the source close to the Kremlin. According to him, Vladimir Zhirinovsky demonstrates loyalty to the leadership of the country and therefore there are interested in that party successfully participated in the Duma elections.

United Russia has returned to the funds

On the second place by the number of spending “Fair Russia”, she spent $ 296 million rubles. But it’s almost all the money received on account of the party. “United Russia” has spent a little less, almost 285 million rubles. But all polling expense of United Russia did much more than the socialist-revolutionaries, is almost 490 million rubles a Large part of the party is spent on the organization of broadcasting through the media — 183 million rubles.

While in the party the authorities do not disclose who is sponsoring it. In the graph, which specifies the legal entities-donors are included only local funds to support regional cooperation and development.

For many years all financial records of the party donors included the funds to support the “United Russia” — it came to money from sponsors. To disclose their names and the names thus was not necessary. In the report of the party for 2015 funds to support practically is not mentioned, but featured the names of actual legal entities. the Sources in the “United Russia” then talked about the willingness to openly demonstrate accountability. But in this election it was decided not to disclose donors, there is a fear that the party will not have time to keep track of foreign funding, or simply suspicious of donators, which will lead to reputational losses, explains a source close to the leadership of United Russia.

“These funds are registered, the “break” for SPARK. The CEC checks for all donations, all in accordance with the law”, — said the head of the Central Executive Committee of the party Maxim Rudnev.

Small parties of the Communist party above

In fourth place and spending the third largest accounts were non-parliamentary political force — the “Apple”. The party spent more than 225 million rubles., and only on her account has received nearly 413 million rubles, a Significant part of the total number of party money transferred, OOO of Ehlit Stail, OOO — more than 92 million rubles. However, 67.8 million RUB party returned because the donor did not specify all payment details.

Press Secretary of the party’s founder Grigory Yavlinsky Igor Yakovlev failed to specify who was behind “Elit Stail”, adding that “we need to understand”. Ehlit Stail” is engaged in wholesale trade. According to “SPARK-Interfax”, in 2014 the net profit of the company amounted to RUB 31 million a 100% Owner — Vyacheslav Lakomkin, he also owns several companies in the construction and sale of power equipment.

The party don’t think their spending is high. “It’s not the “Apple” large income and expenses, and other parties suspiciously small, — said Yakovlev. All our expenses are through the election, we do not conceal them. I can assume that other parties have some costs that a campaign has not paid from the electoral account. For example, in many cases, the scheme is used when the area of outdoor advertising are bought long before the election and shall be paid before the opening of the election account.

Fifth Batch growth of the business Ombudsman Boris Titov. She spent 180 million roubles for agitation, and only on account of its 231 million rubles.

The Communist party was only in sixth place. The party spent 132 million rubles, and only on her account received 150 million rubles.

“Means we do a little bit — in our list of least business in comparison with other parties. Basically we spend the funds to support single-seat districts and regional offices”, — stated the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party Yuri Afonin.


The income and expenses of the other parties is significantly below the RUB 100 million For seventh place in PARNASSUS. On account of the party about 32 million rubles., of which she spent 30.6 million rubles. From the “Civic platform” to nearly 14 million rubles., of them spent nearly 13 million rubles “Communists of Russia” received on account of 4.7 million rubles., and “Home” — 4,6 million rubles.

The revenue of some parties in the hundreds of thousands, not millions. For example, “Civil force” on account of only 389 thousand.

The current alignment does not meet the traditional ranking of the richest parties. In 2015, according to reports, the most money received the “United Russia” — more than 5 billion roubles the Most part from them — public funding. This was followed by the Communist party, LDPR and “Fair Russia”. All of them received more than 1 billion rubles. Income, “Apple” was much lower — about 250 million rubles.