“Vedomosti” has called the theft of the sofa only reason for the seizures of documents in the Bank

Investigative actions in the office of the main Department of the Bank of Russia for the Central Federal district at ulitsa Balchug, 2, are related to the situation in the International joint-stock Bank (MAB), a source told the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Earlier, a source TASS in law enforcement bodies told that the seizure of documents in the office of the Central Bank was tied to a statement about the theft of a sofa, paintings and vases in Mabe there after the introduction of temporary administration in connection with the reorganization of the Bank.

The newspaper “Vedomosti” said that the story about the sofa, the rug and the vase is not true fully. “The sofa, the vase and the carpet, of course, stolen, but before everything else,” he said. According to the newspaper’s source, who received information from employees of the TFR, investigators were interested in much larger set of documents.

According to him, in this case a few episodes and many of the questions concerned the time period long before the arrival of the interim administration in the MAB.