In Moscow the second time host the international Congress of separatists

From Texas and Venice

At the end of September in Moscow will host the second conference on “Dialogue of Nations. The right of peoples to self-determination and building a multipolar world”, collected by the NGO “anti-Globalization movement of Russia (ADR). The conference aims to unite representatives of parties and movements advocating self-determination and independence of their regions and fighting against the ideology of world domination and economic exploitation”, says the statement of the ADR. The previous conference of the movement gathered in September 2015.

The forum will be held September 25 in one of the conference rooms of the “President-Hotel”, the next day in the hotel complex “Izmailovo” scheduled final press conference, said the press service of the organization. During the forum can be discussed and elaborated a resolution in support of the right of peoples to self-determination.

The organizers are expecting a delegation of separatists from Catalonia, Northern Ireland, Western Sahara, Scotland, and other countries. Many of the delegates, according to published on the organization’s website with the announcement coming from the United States are supporters of the independence of Hawaii and Puerto Rico, as well as separatists from California and Texas.

The organizers invited the Texas nationalist movement (TNM) is one of the biggest separatist organizations in the United States. TNM is now preparing a referendum on the independence of the state. In 2014 they have already participated in the activities of the ADR in Russia, and in 2015 are unable to attend the conference. The head of ADR, Alexander Ionov told that the authorities of the countries of the West were able to prevent the delegates to go to Moscow on the previous forum. In February 2015, the FBI raided the headquarters of the TNM.

The organization talks about the visit to Moscow regional deputies of the Italian provinces of Lombardy and Veneto. In these areas the powerful influence has a far-right separatist movement “Northern League”, which, according to experts of the Hungarian Institute of Political Capital, consistently takes Pro-Russian positions. The regional councils of Lombardy and Veneto to the “League of the North” occupies a third and half respectively. This summer they spent in their councils, a resolution condemning the anti-Russian sanctions and the recognition of the Crimea as part of Russia.

Russian politicians at the previous conference as the guest of honor was one of the leaders of the party “Rodina”, the head of information and political management of the party’s Executive Committee Pyotr Biryukov. Will he or other representatives of political parties to participate in the second conference “Dialogue of Nations”, the ADR said.

The Support Of The Kremlin

“Anti-globalization movement of Russia” was established in 2012 as an organization to support countries and peoples in opposing the dictates of a unipolar world and seeks to offer an alternative agenda.” Among the honorary members of ADR — Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (in social networks the head of the movement there is a group photo with al-Assad) and the former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The President of the ADR Alexander Ions was previously co-chair of the Russian Committee of solidarity with the peoples of Syria and Libya (led by the current candidate in deputies of the state Duma from the Communist party Sergei Baburin). Ion is also included in the Presidium of the public organization “Officers of Russia”.

The President of the ADR Ions told me that the movement is funded by donations from supporters and targeted government grants. “This is enough to hold conferences at least once a year,” he explained.

Conference separatists ADRs received 3.5 million rubles. from the National charitable Foundation that distributes presidential grants to development NGOs. Last year the Foundation also provided a grant to the conference, but the amount was much smaller — 2 million RUB In 2016, according to the announcement of the event, invited more participants than in 2015. The conference organizers pay foreign colleagues of the transport and accommodation expenses, said earlier Ions .

National charity Foundation distributes presidential grants for support of veterans, studying the problems of migrants, the formation of ethnic tolerance, strengthening friendship between peoples and the development of public diplomacy. In the application for a grant to the conference “Dialogue of the nation” says that it is “a complex of measures aimed at addressing issues of modern international politics — support to human rights processes and work with national liberation movements around the world.”

The conference of the anti-globalization movement reminiscent of the Soviet program to search in the West the opponents of the establishment, which was recorded by his allies, says the Chairman of the Board of the Center for political technologies, Boris Makarenko. But if before the allies looked for a “green” and social-Democrats today — the far right and the separatists, describes the difference he. During the cold war took place ideologized struggle between the two systems, now ideologized largely contrived, adds Makarenko. Finally, according to the expert, in Soviet times, Moscow was aware that working with such allies will only “confuse” the West without radical changes in the political balance, but now many seriously believe in the importance of these forces, however marginal they may be.

The marginality of the Western separatists for Moscow plays a special role, said the expert of the Institute for Euro-Atlantic cooperation Anton Shekhovtsov. “Russia will use every opportunity to pursue their own policy through foreigners — said the expert . — Besides, the Russians themselves need to show that their country is not isolated from the world, on the contrary, it is respected, it held an international conference”. Similar work with Western politicians is typical of dictatorships, in developed democracies,” said a member of the editorial Board of the journal “Scientific expert” Igor Orlov.