Obama called Putin a “role model” for trump

President Barack Obama, speaking at a rally in support of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton criticized the Republican Donald trump, according to Bloomberg. In his speech the us President said that trump said Russian leader Vladimir Putin “an example for imitation”.

“He loves this guy,” said Obama. “Think about what is happening with the Republican party. Previously, she acted against Russia and authoritarianism and fought for freedom and for democracy,” — said the President of the United States.

In his speech, Obama also noted that the Tram will not be able to represent this country abroad and to be her commander in chief.

According to Obama, Trumpkin calls Putin a “strong leader” after the Russian President “invades a smaller country,” controls the media in the country and driving its economy into recession.

“I have to deal with Russia. It’s part of foreign policy. But I’m not voi not saying it’s a great role model for me,” said Obama.

Earlier, the trump in the NBC program “Commander-in-Chief of Forum, which was attended by veterans, said of Putin that “if he responds well about me, I will speak well of him.” He also predicted that he would be “very good relationship” with Putin if he becomes President.

He added that “the approval rating of Putin is 82%”. “People are very tightly controls the country. It is a completely different system and do not particularly like this system, but definitely it’s in this system is the leader, to a much greater extent than is the leader of our President,” said trump.

Obama, in turn, called these statements by the Republican candidate “nonsense”.