Putin will instruct the government to deal with the fleeing bankers abroad

The reason for the collapse of Russian banks is often not just violations of banking legislation, but “criminal acts,” he said at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin the Governor of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina (the text of the interview published on the Kremlin website). In this case, the culprits often manage to flee abroad, said the head of the Central Bank.

“The certainty of punishment is, of course, the key thing to ensure it is not repeated at other bankers, including many, unfortunately, cases when the bankers go abroad, where the withdrawn assets, and these assets need to be returned — not only to punish them, but to return these assets. This, of course, difficult work”, — said Nabiullina.

Putin himself said that before to punish the fugitives they need to return to Russia. “Or is it better not to release”, — the President added.

The head of the Central Bank idea was supported by Putin, proposing to legally prescribe the possibility of limiting out bankers abroad. Nabiullina pointed out the injustice of the situation when citizens who don’t pay the utility bills on time or does not pay the fine from the traffic police, the road over the border closed, and “bankers with huge sums of debt safely go”.

Putin agreed with the proposal, but with a caveat. “We need to be very careful, of course, not to restrict people’s freedom, but you must ensure that the state and society and Bank depositors from any criminal manifestations,” — said Putin. He said he would give relevant instructions to the government and law enforcement agencies.

In April, Monaco was detained by a former co-owner of Russia Georgy Bidjamov.

Bushie shareholders of Bank “the trust” Ilya Yurov, Nikolay Fetisov and Sergey Belyaev was arrested in absentia in Russia after he left the country.

Left Russia and former bankers Sergei Pugachev and Andrei Pugachev.