In Poland found the “erased” sections of the records of the recorders of the Tu-154 Kaczynski

In the case of recording “black boxes” of the crashed near Smolensk in 2010, the Polish President’s plane cut by eight seconds, said the representative of the Subcommission on investigation of accidents Kazimierz Nowaczyk, reports Telewizja Republika. Earlier in Warsaw have started a new investigation into the disaster, accusing the former Commission of fraud and concealment of data.

According to Kovacica, comparing the source and attached to the results of the investigation data showed that three seconds were cut from the Polish recording and five seconds from the Russian. “The sub-Commission found the original and decoded those five seconds,” said Novacek. He explained that the analysis of these fragments identified the fault signals of the first engine and generator, and two altimeters.

Earlier this same press conference the Minister of defence of Poland Anthony Macierewicz stated that it had decided to declassify containing “tens of thousands of pages of archival materials relating to the crash of Kaczynski plane. The Minister also repeated his accusations against the former Commission of inquiry. It was formed by the government of Donald Tusk, who is currently the President of the European Council.

According to Makarevich, informed the authorities “hid key documents, including the latter stages of the flight Tu-154, and “misinformed society.” The study, which was attended by leading experts, revealed multiple facts of falsification of data in the report about the crash of the presidential plane near Smolensk in 2010.

On 11 September the head of the Polish Commission investigating the crash, Vaclav Barcinski said that the Commission was a new record. If earlier in the case were records of negotiations of pilots with the control tower, now, according to the Polish authorities, they have the records of the negotiations between the controllers in the tower control. They are, in the opinion of Birchanskogo suggest that managers could convey to the crew the wrong information. The official argues that managers could pass on crew the wrong information about the distance to the runway, that could affect the landing and subsequent crash.

The Tu-154, which was carrying Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, as well as representatives of the military high command and senior officials, crashed on 10 April 2010 near Smolensk. The crash killed 96 people.

Investigating the cause of the crash was done by the international aviation Committee (IAC). In January 2011 it published a report on the investigation into the crash, in which the main perpetrators of the incident called the pilots, who refused to go to the alternate. The experts of the IAC concluded that the pilots acted under pressure, which they had aboard, Polish officials, in particular air force commander of Poland Andrzej Blasik.