From the Institute of psychology RSUH mass retired teachers

The leading teachers of the Institute of psychology. L. S. Vygotsky Russian state humanitarian University (RGGU) wrote applications on dismissal due to personnel policies of the new rector of the University Eugene Ivakhnenko. Reports about the dismissal of teachers originally appeared in the group of employees of the University in Facebook. The mass Exodus of the staff of the Institute confirmed lecturer of psycholinguistics, PhD Marina Novikova-Grund. According to her, just the statement on dismissal was written by at least 12 employees of the Institute, including its Director, doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor Elena Kravtsova.

The Institute of psychology. L. S. Vygotsky was founded in the Russian state humanitarian University in 1995. The Institute was originally only one Department, and the training took place about three dozen students. Currently, the Institute includes two faculties, 11 departments, learning it takes more than 1,500 students and undergraduates, and the faculty consists of 97 teachers, it is written in help about the school on the site of RSUH.

Problems at employees of the Institute began after his election to the post of rector in March of this year head of chair of social philosophy, Russian state University for Humanities Eugene Ivakhnenko, says Novikova-Grund. New rector announced plans to optimize staff in order to save money with the redistribution of the additional load on the remaining teachers. “The burden on the already made 900 hours, which is incredibly much. In the end, experts in their field tried to pin the courses that they simply could not carry on, because there is no teaching of universal substitutability,” explains the teacher.

Director of the Institute Kravtsov, continues Novikova-Grund, refused to optimize the state, that teachers began to face pressure. In particular, employees of the University made it impossible to determine its schedule, and shortly before mass layoffs Ivakhnenko, according to Novikova-Grund, refused to approve the staffing of the Institute. Was and disruptions in vacation payments, says the teacher. “As a rule, leave the teachers began on July 8, before the number of employees must be paid vacation pay, but in full made last summer that was not. People with strange for all breaks dripped into their accounts for 3-5 thousand rubles. Young teachers with children to stay for 2 months and it was simply impossible”, — said Novikova-Grund. All this sums up it forced the teachers and the Director to write letters of dismissal.

Ivakhnenko at the time of writing was unavailable for comment. In a press-service of public relations and mass media of the Russian state humanitarian University, said that the educational process is the situation with the Institute. L. S. Vygotsky not affect. “The classes are conducted on schedule. With regard to the submitted statements of resignation from the staff of the Institute for Vygotsky, each of them will be considered individually,” — said the press service.

The question of the Institute of psychology has been discussed at meetings of the academic Council of Russian state humanitarian University, stressed the press service. At the last academic Council understood the issue is actually about the call for a strike by the leadership of the Institute. The call for a strike “is a gross violation of labor discipline”, noted in a press-service, the Director of the Institute Kravtsov “advised”. From the rector of the RSUH, Director of the Institute was made an official warning about the inadmissibility of such actions.

All claims against the University administration concerning academic load, hours, practices, etc. “conform to the orders of the Minister of education and science, is the founder of the Russian state humanitarian University” looks at least strange, according to the University. “At the same time, the University is obliged to act in the best interest of students. The demarche of the number of teachers of the Institute of psychology taken at the time, when a schedule for the semester and the beginning of studies. Today in the address of the rector, I received several suggestions from the leading psychologists of Russia, who are willing to teach, replacing the workplace retired teachers,” according to the press service of the University.

Both the original and the current administration RSUH has repeatedly criticized Krawcowa as a leader, “not coping with their duties, but never called for teachers to leave their jobs.” All questions related to load and salary, were discussed at the meetings of the academic Council of the University “openly and repeatedly,” they say in College.

After the election Ivakhnenko rector of the RSUH is already the second scandal connected with the personnel policy of the University. At the end of March several of the honored teachers of the Humanities stated that they were informed in the personnel Department of the University of their dismissal. In support of the teachers spoke who was then the Minister of education and science Dmitry Livanov. Ivakhnenko in the end, denied reports about layoffs honored teachers.