The media learned new details of the agreement the U.S. and Russia on Syria

The United States will have to send a surveillance aircraft from other regions and increase the number of intelligence analysts in order to coordinate joint attacks under the ceasefire, writes the Associated Press citing a senior military sources. This is stipulated in the deal between Moscow and Washington on Syria.

According to interlocutors of Agency, they are currently trying to determine how it will be implemented the Russian-American partnership and how it will change the location of equipment and personnel of the United States. They note that it will be forced to take equipment from other parts of the world, since the military leaders of the United States do not want to undermine the current campaign led by the States of the coalition in Syria and Iraq against the “Islamic state” organization banned in Russia. —]”.

In addition, according to AP, the United States will increase the number of analysts, who expected to approve airstrikes against ISIS jabhat al Fattah al-sham” (the former banned in Russia organization “dzhebhat an-Nusra”).

The Agency notes that the United States previously rarely bombed this group; in addition, the militants “Dzhebhat Fattah al-sham” is mixed with the militias that are supported by the United States. The situation is complicated by concern about the actions of Russia, which — in contrast to the American side uses unguided bombs, according to AP.

Earlier on Friday in an interview with RIA Novosti the special representative of the President of Russia on the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said that Russia is negotiating with the United States to disclose to the UN security Council agreement on Syria. “The idea in the Security Council to support these agreements, in our opinion, useful, but not very well ask the partners to support something they don’t know,” he said.

September 10, after talks in Geneva, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry announced a plan to reconcile the parties and reduce the level of violence in Syria. The negotiated package consists of five documents, but they remained classified. The foreign Ministers told only the main points of the plan.

Kerry said that the United States and Russia call on all parties in Syria to commit themselves to cessation of hostilities with the attack on September 12. The cornerstone of the agreement, the Secretary said, was the agreement on the termination of flights of the aviation of the Syrian regime in areas where there is opposition.

Lavrov in turn said that after the seven days of the cease-fire, Russia and the United States will create in Syria a Joint Executive center in which the military, and the intelligence agencies of the two countries will focus on the practical issues of differentiation of terrorists and the moderate opposition. The areas where the Russian space forces and the US air force will strike, has already been agreed; the air force of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in these territories will not work.