Putin spoke about trying to recreate the image of the “evil Empire” in US elections

Speaking to journalists after the CIS summit in Bishkek the President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the election campaign in the United States and its use of the Russian subjects, the correspondent .

Putin expressed hope that “the use of Russia and President of Russia” in the election campaign in the USA “is due to the growing influence and importance of Russia”.

“But I think this is mostly due to attempts of manipulation with public opinion inside the country. We see an attempt to recreate the image of the so-called evil Empire, and to scare the layman. It is very sad, it’s quite tough to attempt and counterproductive,” — said the Russian President.

Answering the question about who of the candidates he supported in the election of the President of the United States, Putin said that “nothing new to say can’t.”

“Support any person in any country who wants to build with us and good neighborly relations”, — he stressed

“Are sympathetic to those who advocate publicly on the need to build relations with Russia on an equal basis and sees this as a great sense of milking the country”, — concluded Putin.

Earlier the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump in the NBC program “Commander-in-Chief of Forum said about the Russian President: “if he responds well about me, I will speak well of him.” He also predicted that he would be “very good relationship” with Putin if he becomes President.

This statement trump criticized President Barack Obama supporting the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Clinton herself has previously accused Russian secret services in the attacks on the servers of the Democratic party, as well as commenting on the material The Washington Post about a possible intervention of Russia elections in the United States, saying that it poses a serious threat that needs to be resolved quickly.