“The voice” said about a large number of violations in the elections in 2016

In a statement, “the Voice” says that the actions of the new composition of the CEC, “tried in manual mode to change the situation”, has a positive impact on the situation, however, did not happen for institutional changes to the system to prevent the abuse of administrative resources”.

“Although the level of violations of the election campaign was lower than in 2011, recorded a number of violations in the election campaign the admittedly great”, — stated in the message of the organization, which is engaged in elections observation.

In particular, observers suggest that the number of fraud compared to 2011 decreased, but were recorded ballot box stuffing, “cruise voting”, as well as violations related to the pressure of the authorities to the voters. Reports of “cruise voting” mainly came from Moscow and Altai Krai.

The movement “Voice” indicates that “the use of administrative electoral technologies has shifted from the day of voting at the preceding stages of the electoral process”. According to the authors of the report, the results “were predetermined by the legislative conditions, decisions and actions taken by the authorities and election commissions, at the stage of nomination and registration of candidates, as well as during campaigning.”

“The voice” concluded that the voting day was only a formal “legitimation” predetermined results.

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The report also noted the procedure of formation of electoral commissions, fails to ensure their independence; discriminatory in the collection of signatures, presence in the lists of the so-called “locomotives” — holding elected office those who do not intend to become deputies, a violation of the principle of equality (“the Voice” says that the state and public resources are used in the interests of “United Russia”).

“The voice” pointed out that just the hot line of motion received 1798 reports of potential violations that were forwarded to the CEC. Assessing the General election Commission, “the Voice” said that the elections “are far from being called truly free and fair.”

The head of the CEC of Russia, Ella Pamfilova, at a press conference in Moscow announced the cancellation of the election results at four sites in Nizhny Novgorod, Belgorod, Rostov areas, and also in Dagestan. In Rostov-on-don, according to her, on the fact of ballot stuffing by election Commission member with a criminal case.