The Finance Ministry has proposed to reform the system of deductions from salaries

The Finance Ministry proposes to hold the 2017 reform of insurance premiums — to start to collect them from all over the salary Fund at the same rate, and by 2019 to bring it to 26% (2017 — 29%, in 2018 — 28%). About this “Vedomosti” reported five Federal officials.

Now employers pay contributions for employees social contributions at a General rate of 30%, but the existing threshold base for contributions means that a certain employee’s income to pay for it and need less. If you cancel threshold burden on business will increase, to compensate for this, reducing the overall rate.

Two officials noted that there is an alternative in 2017 to raise VAT to 20%, 10% preferential rate raised to 12% and from 2019 to start to increase it by 2 percentage points per year until it is equal to non-concessional 20%. One of the officials said that in 2017 it is possible to almost 600 billion rubles, and another 400 billion rubles in 2018 and 200 billion rubles in 2019.

According to two officials, the idea of the Ministry of Finance was discussed last week by the head of the Ministry Anton Siluanov and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev got President Vladimir Putin. The press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the meeting was not announced about its contents.

Four Federal officials said that the proposals were worked out on Monday at a meeting with first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. The Secretariat confirmed the meeting but did not comment.

According to officials, the decision is still pending. “Cannot come to an agreement, everybody’s gone to the level of the President and the Prime Minister,” explained one of them.

Currently, reminiscent of “Vedomosti”, employers pay into the Pension Fund 22% of the salaries to 796 thousand rubles. per year, over this sum — 10%, social insurance Fund – 2.9% of annual earnings up to 670 thousand rubles., in the medical insurance Fund – 5,1% on all wages.

As noted by the official financial-economic bloc, familiar with the ideas of Finance Ministry to hold such a “maneuver” in 2017 is unlikely to succeed, since it is necessary to consider not only budget, but also the socio-political situation. According to Federal officials, the Ministry of Finance are traded for additional income”: need half — ask more likely to get exactly half.