The government left without the one-time payment of almost 300 thousand pensioners

The right to a lump-sum pension payment in 5 thousand RUB will not all Russians, but only “persons residing on the territory of Russia”, receiving a pension from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation as at 31 December 2016, said the bill, introduced to the state Duma on Tuesday, September 20. This wording will be deprived of the right to receive payments of Russians who reside abroad but continue to receive Russian pensions.

The pension Fund pays pensions to address the more than 288 thousand such persons, said the representative of the Fund. The press service of the Ministry of labour confirmed the denial of payments to pensioners living abroad.

The right to receive Russian pensions to leave the country, but retained Russian citizenship people received in 1998 by a Constitutional court, like the source, close to one of the higher courts of Russia. The COP then guided, in particular, article 19 of the Russian Constitution, which guarantees citizens equal rights regardless of place of residence. The adoption of the law on lump sum payments in a form in which it submitted to the Duma, too, can become a reason for going to the COP living abroad Russians who will be denied benefits, says the source . But the outcome of such complaints will depend on the legal nature of this payment — whether it is a Supplement to the pension or not, the source said.

From a legal point of view, this payment is not a part of the pension, and the form of social support, reported the press service of the Ministry of labour in response to the request . “The initiative aims to support the incomes of pensioners during a difficult time for our country’s economic situation. The growth of consumer prices in Russia have affected pensioners living in Russia”, — said the press service of the Ministry. The Constitution the wording of the bill does not break, consider in the Ministry of labor: “In view of the provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation implementation of the decision on lump sum payments refers to the powers of the legislator. The legislator has the right to determine to whom and under what conditions is social support.

Constantly living in Russia pensioners, including those working will receive the payment in 5 thousand rubles in January 2017, the bill of the government. On payments for 44 million retirees, the Federal budget will spend more than 221 billion. Denial of payments 288 thousand Russian pensioners residing abroad, the budget will save 1.44 billion roubles.

Lump-sum payment in 5 thousand RUB, the authorities decided to replace the re-indexing of the pensions in 2016. About the decision in August, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. In his opinion, better compensation, “something you can buy for the holiday” than indexing “smeared with a thin layer.

One-off compensation payment will be tax-exempt income of individuals follows from the explanatory notes to the bill.

In the beginning of the year pensions were indexed by only 4%, although by law is expected to increase by the actual inflation for the previous year (in 2015, the inflation rate reached 12.9%). The law on the Federal budget 2016 assumed that the authorities will consider re-indexing of pensions in the second half of the year, depending on financial results of the first half. But almost from the beginning of the year in the government discussed the possibility of replacing indexation with a single payment, said the interlocutors in the government. Such decision will allow to save significant budget funds, but to pensioners it is not too beneficial, said the interlocutors : one-time payment, unlike indexing, does not increase the size of pensions, i.e. the indexation in the following February 2017 will be made with the current and not elevated base.