The Central Bank has come up with a way to force state employees to use the card “the World”

The Central Bank decided to set banks a deadline when they will have to give state employees the national map “the World”. This was reported by “Vedomosti” several people involved in the discussion of the amendments to the law “About national payment system”. We are talking about January 1, 2018, to which banks are obliged to provide maps of “the World” customers, who receive money from the budget and extra-budgetary state funds, said the sources.

The obligation to Deposit such customer accounts associated with the card “the World” has been in currently, “Vedomosti” reports, but in the absence of strict deadlines, banks do not hurry to release the card. From the information on the website of the NPCs, which owns the brand “the World”, it follows that the issuing of these cards has started only 25 of the 142 members of payment system “the World” and this list does not include Sberbank and VTB group.

In addition, the Bank of Russia came up with a way to push the public sector to pay off the card “the World”, the newspaper writes. From 1 January 2018 all transactions in the accounts, which receive funds from the budget, will be carried out only with the help of this card.

“We can’t comment on the document that are not familiar, as it is not published”, — said the representative of the MasterCard Maria Taschjeva, Recalling that kobegenova MasterCard entered into an agreement to issue cards under a common brand, Maestro-“the World”. The representative of the Visa, which was the only one represented in Russia by the major international payment systems which have not signed the agreement cabage with “World” refused to comment.

Deputy head of FAS Andrey Kashevarov emphasized that the law, “if passed, never violate the antitrust laws”.

The representative of the savings Bank, which serves the largest number of state employees, said that the Bank has time to provide customers with maps of “the World” deadline. The Deputy Director of Department of retail business of VTB24 Alexey Kirichek, in turn, stressed that the issue of the card “for salary projects VTB24 starts in September, and in October the Bank will start to connect customers with the open market. Until the end of the year the Bank plans to issue about 300 thousand cards, “Peace”, he added.

The amendments to the law, how to write “Vedomosti”, the Central Bank also identified the time frame within which banks should organize the reception of cards “the World” — not later than April 1, 2017. The newspaper notes that until now, banks were reluctant to create the care network, citing the uncertainty in the law. CB, in turn, demanded that they provided the disclosure schedules of the networks. One of the bankers said that according to schedules developed by the end of this year, about 80% of retail outlets that serve the banks will accept the card “the World”.

In addition, at the present time to accept the card “the World” should retailers whose income exceeds 120 million rubles per year. The amendments to the law, the Central Bank found that the “World” must take all the point, the revenues of which exceed 10 million rubles a quarter.