Associated Press published the text of the agreement the U.S. and Russia on Syria

The Associated Press Thursday, September 22, published the text of the Russian-American agreement on the Syrian settlement, which was reached on 9 September 2016 following the meeting, the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov and the head of the state Department John Kerry. According to the Agency, who managed to obtain a copy of this document, it is marked 9 Sep 22:00.

The text of the published document entitled “reducing the violence, restoring access and the establishment of a joint implementation centre”. It has five points, some of which have sub-items.

In the first paragraph we are talking about the establishment of a cease-fire in Syria for 48 hours. In the second paragraph it is said that under this conditions the regime should be extended for a period agreed by the parties to the conflict.

The third paragraph deals with the withdrawal of troops from the road and Castello in Aleppo. The fourth paragraph of the agreement stipulates restrictions on aviation of the Syrian army over the territories controlled by the opposition. In the fifth paragraph referred to the establishment of a joint implentation center.

The Russian foreign Ministry has already commented on the publication of the document. As stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the published text is only one document out of five. She recalled that Moscow has repeatedly urged Washington to publish the text of the document, because “disclosure of these documents will contribute directly to their implementation, and moving towards the Syrian settlement.”

“It is strange that it was done this way and the document is being published, for example on the official site of the state Department and the foreign Ministry <…> Instead, it was given the leak. But it is in the style of our American colleagues. I repeat: this is only one of the five documents,” — said Zakharov (quoted by “Interfax”).

About the new plan to reconcile the parties and reduce the level of violence in Syria Lavrov and Kerry announced on 9 September after the negotiations in Geneva. On 12 September a new plan for Syria came into force, the document still remained classified.Russia has repeatedly urged the United States to publish the text of the Russian-American agreement on the Syrian settlement. On 17 September the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the US does not want to publish the data in agreement in Syria as “the world community will become clear who and what really does not”.