CEC has declassified the number of votes in Syria Russians

In total PEC number 8269 in Damascus assigned to single-member electoral district of Slavgorod in the Altai region, voted 4571. This is the largest number of Russians who voted in Syria in recent years: in the presidential elections in 2012 and the state Duma elections in 2011 voted four times less than the constituents. In 2015 Russia is conducting a military operation in Syria.

In Syria was formed by one polling station, it was voted as ordinary people and military personnel involved in combat activities on the basis Hamim. The number of military serving in Syria, is a state secret.

How many voters in 2016 apply to civilians as to the military, on the website of the CEC is not specified. The duty of the commandant of the Russian Embassy in Damascus has failed to promptly provide the relevant data.

Indirectly, the number of voters it is on a military base indicates the number of those who put the ballot in a portable ballot box (i.e., did not vote in the Embassy building). In the results published by the CEC, stated that their ballots into a portable ballot box put 4378. At the stationary phase (Embassy) voted only 193 people. “Portable ballot box, most likely refers to a military base Hamim” — said a member of the Council motion observers SONAR Vladimir Egorov.

The ballot box was delivered to the base Hamim on 5 September, reports “RIA Novosti”. The vote itself was held on 18 September, the Russia Today video. Voice gave 100% of soldiers, Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov.

4-5 thousand is a fair estimate of the number of Russians on the basis Hamim, says military analyst Anton Lavrov. “This is a military and civilian staff — cooks, stewards, representatives of equipment manufacturers and maintenance crews. But mostly the military,” — said Lavrov.

sent a formal request to the Ministry of defence.

Just to the Syrian polling station assigned 5360 voters. The main vote of Russians in Syria due to the Islamic tradition took place not on Sunday, and on Friday, September 16, the official Syrian weekend, reported the Russian Embassy in Damascus. Military was voted 18th. Data on the number of voters was published on Wednesday, September 21.

62.7% of the vote in Syria the Russians have supported the “United Russia” — this is 8% higher than the national average. The liberal democratic party gave their votes 19.6% of voters for the Communists voted for another 5.6% of the people. Other parties received less than 2% of the vote.