Investors Volkswagen in Germany demanded that the company 8.2 billion euros

Investors Volkswagen in Germany demanded that the company 8.2 billion euros

Moscow. September 21. The total amount of the claim filed by the investors of German automaker Volkswagen against the company amounted to 8.2 billion Euro, informs Agency Bloomberg with reference to the materials of the regional court of Braunschweig.

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The court received more than 1.4 thousand lawsuits from investors Volkswagen, accusing the company that it is too late to inform them about the beginning of the investigation associated with diesel scandal, from-for what the value of their securities fell. One of the suits brings together nearly 300 investors that require them to pay 3.3 billion euros. In another class action, applicants need 700 million euros. The company denies the accusations.

In total, the German automaker has earmarked about 18 billion euros to various benefits associated with the diesel scandal, which has affected about 11 million vehicles worldwide.

The Volkswagen scandal erupted in September 2015, after the us Agency for environmental protection (EPA) revealed that the company installed in its vehicles with diesel engines software that during inspections it lowers the emission of harmful substances. The U.S. government ordered Volkswagen to recall almost half a million vehicles produced for the American market from 2009 to 2015.

According to the company, the fake test results touched 11 million cars with diesel engines around the world.