In LNR said about the suicide of ex-Prime Minister of the Republic of Cycalona

According to the chief of Department on supervision of observance of laws in the military sphere of the Prosecutor General of the self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic (LNR) Sergey Rakhno, which reports “Interfax”, the former Chairman of the Council of Ministers LNR Gennady Tsepkalo was arrested on suspicion of attempted coup and hanged himself.

As told Rakhno, those who already pre-installed, “in the course of numerous meetings for 2014-2016 agreed to implement the scenario of displacement, including the physical liquidation of the Republican leadership in the person of the head of the Republic, the first leaders of the Council of Ministers, national Council, of power structures of Republic”.

The investigation has detained one of the leaders of the LPR militia, said the representative of the Prosecutor’s office, calling the detainee Kiselev; he confessed and named involved in the coup attempt. In addition, was detained Advisor to the head LNR Tsepkalo, told Rakhno, “with which today was planned investigative actions, namely his interrogation as a suspect, and a confrontation involving the detainee Kiseleva, and elect him by court the measure of restraint for the period of the investigation.”

Rakhno said that there was operational information “about the attempt of physical elimination of these detainees to other participants of the conspiracy.” In this regard, detainees were held in one of the administrative buildings of the authorities LNR”.

Tsepkalo, suggested Rakhno, “realized the depth of his criminal actions”and realized that the information about the plot, which he has, is a threat to his life. The suicide of a former Chairman of the Council of Ministers LNR, according to the Prosecutor, made out of fear that it will kill the remaining fugitives conspirators. Tsepkalo brought account life by hanging himself, said Rahno.

Also Rakhno reported that during the preliminary investigation established the involvement in the coup attempt of the former Chairman of the National Council of the Republic Alexey Karjakin.

The motive for the “implementation of the criminal plan,” said the Prosecutor, “was a reaction to the actions taken by the head LNR and the existing Executive authorities on the suppression of corruption and criminal schemes, related to the “protection racket” illegal business activities, including smuggling in the country.”