“United Russia” has allocated posts in the state Duma

On Saturday at the expanded meeting of the higher and General councils of United Russia will decide on the allocation of posts in the state Duma. Formally, these governing bodies of “United Russia” recommended candidates, which are later approved by the United Russia faction at the meeting of the lower house. It is already clear who will be the speaker, Deputy speakers and faction leader in the Duma, chairmen of the committees will be distributed later, said two people in the party.

Speaker of the state Duma will become the first Deputy head of presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin. Yesterday at a meeting with party leaders, President Vladimir Putin asked them to elect Volodina speaker of the state Duma. The head of state first offers the deputies a candidate for the presidency, said the source.

The post of first Vice-speaker will keep Alexander Zhukov. He will oversee the economic committees and the budget process. His deputies will be former Chairman of the Duma Committee on security Irina Yarovaya. She will oversee a unit of state construction, security and anti-corruption.

Other Vice-speaker will be TV presenter Peter Tolstoy, first elected to the Duma in this convocation. It will block civil society, interaction with the media, Internet and culture. Thick in the elections in one single-mandate districts of Moscow walked known MP from the Communist party Valery Rashkin, said the source .

Vice-speakers will be Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Sergei Neverov, and Vladimir Vasiliev. Vasiliev will retain the position of head of the Duma faction of United Russia. His Deputy on legislative activities will be Andrei Isayev, who in the Duma of the previous convocation was the Vice-speaker.

Faction of United Russia will be divided into five parliamentary groups. They will be headed by Viktor kidyaev, Raisa Karmazin, Nikolai Pankov, Viktor Pinsky, Adalbi Shhagoshev. “Picked up heavyweights — those who are either elected in single-mandate constituency or was in charge of the party of regions and dealt with difficult situations in them,” — said the source in the party.

United Russia will lead the half of the total number of all committees. The second half, on the recommendation of President Vladimir Putin, get opposition, emphasizes the interlocutor in the party. “In the beginning of next week we will start talks with the opposition on posts of heads of committees”, — said United Russia.

The Supreme and the General Council recommend that when considering candidates for the posts of heads of committees and their deputies conducted a check for conflicts of interest. “We can no longer tolerate a situation in which engaged in agricultural business Airat Khairullin was the first Chairman of the agricultural Committee, and landowner Martin Shakkum — Chairman of the construction Committee,” — said the source . “The priority of the “United Russia” in the new Duma will be the quality of the legislative work and the quality of the work of the faction”, — he promises.