Medvedev spoke about the importance of engineering to the economy of Russia

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the day of machine-building industry, said in a statement on the government website.

According to him, this professional holiday unites millions of professionals who work at the enterprises of the complex produced very different products — from the latest machine tools and engines to airplanes, nuclear cruisers, agricultural machinery and weapons”. From industry “largely depends on the welfare and comfortable life of people, strengthen the defense of the country,” said Medvedev.

Revival and innovative development of engineering is one of the main tasks of the Russian economy, said the Prime Minister. “It is important to further improve the efficiency of the sector, carry out structural reforms, to renew the fleet of process equipment, implement modern production research and development,” — said Medvedev, adding that “special attention should be given to the training of qualified engineering personnel.”

Implement our plans and achieve further success to the workers of mechanical engineering will allow you to “experience, knowledge, dedication,” concluded the Prime Minister.

Earlier, Medvedev published the article “Socio-economic development of Russia: finding new dynamics” in the journal “Questions of Economics”. In it the Prime Minister said that the country will have to form a model of economic development that will ensure its important place in the modern place. According to the head of the government, “this is not a trivial task, although Russia is not the first time deals with it”.

In the article Medvedev has identified five key areas of development: optimization of budgetary policy, structural policy, including import substitution, improving the investment climate and business environment, improving the quality of the state and social development.