The Swiss in a referendum refused to increase pensions

Swiss citizens in a referendum did not support the initiative of trade unions and the left parties on the increase of the state old-age pensions by 10%, reports Swissinfo. Despite the fact that at the time of writing, the vote is still ongoing, it is clear that the proposal did not receive the necessary support. According to the law, to win the referendum, the proposal must receive a double majority, that is, to get the most votes in the whole country, and to secure the approval of the majority of the cantons and half-cantons.

As of 16:30 GMT only 5 cantons have supported this initiative, 18 opposed. In the whole country of the opponents of the reforms, the share of opponents of the pension reform made up of 59.4%

Trade unions and left-wing parties sought a legislative increase of 10% of payments on the basic state pension insurance — the so-called first pillar. In this case, the real increase for single pensioners should be from 1400 to 2800 francs a year, and for spouses to 4,200 francs.

The government had earlier considered this suggestion as too costly and urged to vote against him.