Media reported about the approaching aircraft of the Russian air force passenger liner

Two Russian strategic bombers flew dangerously close to the Icelandic passenger aircraft EN route to Stockholm from Reykjavik, according to Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid, citing informed sources. According to the newspaper, the incident occurred last week, September 22.

According to the publication, the bombers were at a distance of 88 kilometers from the Icelandic of the aircraft, when the Icelandic managers have warned the commander of the airliner about their approach. It is assumed that the incident involved Russian strategic bombers Tu-22M, capable of carrying nuclear missiles.

The Manager was not able to determine the height of the flight of Russian planes as they were flying off the transponders. The pilot of the airliner said that later saw two bombers from the window of the plane. According to him, they were approximately two kilometers from the liner. The bombers flew below the passenger side.