REN TV published a review of Sturges about the closure of his exhibition in Moscow

American photographer Jock Sturges stated that “saddened” by the situation surrounding the exhibition of his works held in the Centre photos behalf of the Lumiere brothers. It is reported by REN TV, citing an audio recording of the comment, which gave them the photographer.

“These are my neighbors, my friends, whom I photographed for 40 years (…). These photos were published around the world. And galleries and museums around the world saw pornography”, — quotes the channel of a photographer.

The Exhibition “Jock Sturges.Without embarrassment” in the Center of the Lumiere brothers, the organizers shut down on September 25. About this informed the head of the security Commission of the Public chamber Anton Tsvetkov. He previously Flowers along with members of the organization “Officers of Russia”, which he heads, blocked the entrance to the exhibition with the requirement to inspect the exhibits together with law enforcement officials in the Russian legislation, respectively.

He noted that, even if in the pictures there is nothing forbidden, “not quite right” that this exhibition takes place in three minutes from the Kremlin”. “Those photos that this photographer is doing to our country forbidden to do. It is a crime. Therefore, he shows in another country”, — said Tsvetkov.

The gallery owner Edward Litvinsky, commenting on the closing of the exhibition said, the organizers “listened to public opinion”.

On 25 September at the exhibition, there was another incident: as reported by “RIA Novosti”, the unknown man poured urine a few photos of Sturgis and the walls of the gallery. The man was outraged by the exposure, which, in his opinion, is “offensive to family values and encourage pedophilia”. It drew up administrative Protocol on disorderly conduct.

Earlier with the requirement to check the exhibition at the Prosecutor General’s office asked the Senator Elena Mizulina. According to Mizulina, the work of the American photographer may constitute child pornography. Criticized the exhibition and children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova.

Curator of the exhibition Natalia Litvinskaya has previously stated that the Center of photography Lumiere brothers is not going to close the exhibition of the American photographer, as it does not see in it anything scandalous. Litvinsky also stressed that Sturgis is “by the author, who exhibited all around the world in the world’s largest museums. According to the curator of the exhibition, the people who are against the new exhibition, “was not even on our show. Today I sent a post in LJ, where there is an active discussion of the photos, but there is no work from my exhibition,” she said.

The Exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment,” I’m in the Moscow Center of photography behalf of the Lumiere brothers was to last until 30 October. The exhibition marked 18+ and submitted photos of girls from nudist communities.