The media learned about the freezing of the merger Uniastrum Bank “East”

According to several sources “Kommersanty” familiar with the negotiations about the merger “Uniastrum” and “East,” a discussion of the transaction suspended.

A possible cause of freezing of the transaction a source close to the “East” refers to the issues of the Central Bank to the Bank’s asset quality arose after the audit, which ended in early September. “Now there is more discussion on this topic,” — said the interlocutor of “Kommersant”.

Another source of the newspaper familiar with the negotiations, said that “the East” there are also questions about the quality of the assets Uniastrum”, and after a comprehensive check by the prospect of enterprises is not obvious.

“The regulator until consent to the transaction was not given, as there is no clear understanding of how shareholders plan to close the existing problems, which after the merger will not disappear”, — said the source “Kommersant”.

Peregovory on the merger is complicated by the fact that the parties still have not decided, how it will happen: Uniastrum Bank joins “Watchname” or Vice versa. The Federal Antimonopoly service had previously sent two petitions and had approved both options, clarify the sources.

“The choice of one of the two options will mean that the Bank’s team to which is attached, remains,” — says one of interlocutors of the edition.

Formally, the “Eastern” larger “JUNIASTRUM”. Any consolidation of the Bank “Uniastrum” will receive about 40%, but at the same time, Baring Vostok (the controlling shareholder of “the East”) will lose control. It is known that Baring Vostok is not interested in investing in Russian assets, and for the second year intends to completely exit its shareholders, says “Kommersant”.

“However, against mergers in which the merged Bank will be the controlling shareholder, the minority shareholders are of the Bank “East”, which complicates the negotiations on the deal,” says one of the interlocutors edition.

June 20, “Interfax” citing a source in the government said that the main owner of Uniastrum Bank and the Director of the direction “New business” Agency of strategic initiatives Artem Avetisyan is going to create on the basis of four banks, Uniastrum Bank, Eastern Bank, Credit Europe Bank and the public SME Bank reference Bank structure for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). A written proposal Avetisyan sent to President Vladimir Putin, and the letter was imposed positive resolution.

As said a source familiar with the text of the letter, they plan on unification of the banks was to first combine Uniastrum Bank and “East”, then attach to them the Credit Europe Bank and then the Bank. If the project is implemented Avetisyan, the assets of the combined Bank will be about 600 billion rubles, with the result that the merged Bank will enter the top 20 by assets.