Railways predicted a loss of 142 billion rubles in 2017

Russian Railways has forecast for the interagency working group meeting which held on the eve of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, according to which the company can finish 2017 with a loss of 142,4 billion rubles, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

In the Railways, the newspaper reported that the company in 2017, will continue optimization of costs to achieve break-even. Familiar with calculations of RZD man in turn explained that we are talking about the “zero option financial plan,” “master index” which takes into account all possible risks, including economic decline, deterioration of the situation on the world markets, the lack of growth of loading, etc. “This is the limit stress scenario is generated annually,” — said the source.

According to the representative of the Ministry of economic development, Russian Railways are not facing a loss even without indexation. Federal officials meanwhile said that figure is relevant. A spokeswoman for Dvorkovich declined to comment.

This loss can be formed due to the fact that the costs will increase mainly due to procurement where prices are not dependent on the Railways, and the income will not be indexed, said CEO of the research Institute of railway transport Paul Ivanka.

How to write Vedomosti, next year Russian Railways expects continued negative trends in transportation: low-yielding cargoes (coal, non-metallic materials), the mileage of empty cars will increase. The company’s revenue in 2017 will amount to 1.24 trillion is 0.2% above our forecast, 2016, if the rate will increase by 4.5% (forecast indexation), and turnover — by 13.8 billion tonne-kilometres, or 0.5%.

Not enough to break even, the newspaper said: the Railways can make a profit of 10 billion rubles in 2017, if optimizing 50.3 billion rubles., and to 17.6 billion roubles in dividends from subsidiaries profits from the traffic on the smaller Moscow belt railway and so on. Russian Railways hopes to get another 40 billion rubles will be extended if the action is export surcharges to tariffs.

If the markup is cancelled, Russian Railways suggests to index tariffs in the following year. In particular, by 4.2% for container shipping and transportation in gondola cars 1st and 2nd class, 2.2% — for loads of the 3rd class by 2.75% for empty run. If such a measure was not adopted, the Railways proposes to index the tariff for empty run 10%. The change in pricing of oil cargo will bring another 40 billion rubles.

Upon entry into force of the said point of indexation of the tariff burden on producers of crushed stone will increase to a maximum of 10.3 RUB. per ton, on coal — 21.4 RUB on manufacturers of ferrous metals — by 52.1 rubles, follows from materials of the Russian Railways to the meeting with Dvorkovich. Will change slightly and the transport component in the price of the goods: for rubble – 0.9 percentage points to 33.8%, coal — by 0.6 PP to 19.3%, metals 0.1% percentage points to 5.2 percent, it said in the presentation.

One of the participants in the meeting with Dvorkovich announced that the Deputy Prime Minister against the proposals of Russian Railways, gave a different opinion. that the tariffs must be fair.