Syrian troops launched a major ground operation in Aleppo

The Syrian government army on Tuesday, September 27, managed to move to the ancient city of Aleppo. About it reports Associated Press with reference to the state television of Syria.

The report said that the troops managed to liberate the part controlled by opponents of Bashar al-Assad of a quarter of Farafra, the fighting near the historic centre of the city.

“The Syrian Observatory for human rights, based in London, also confirmed that Syrian forces are moving in the center of Aleppo, writes the Associated Press.

On the offensive in Aleppo, Reuters reports citing a senior representative of the rebel group. “They are working to get a foothold on each reclaimed plot. Today is also notable for the heavy use of helicopters and barrel bombs”, — quotes Agency the words of his companion. He added that the rebels were able to repel the attacks of the Syrian army, but the troops of the government army mobilized for an attack on other fronts, particularly in the rebel-held district of Sheikh Saeed in the southern outskirts of the city.

Reuters calls the army offensive in Aleppo, the largest ground operation since the termination of the agreement on cease-fire in Syria.

The commander of the Iraqi militias fighting on the side of the Syrian authorities, told Reuters that Syrian troops, led by elite units of the “Power tiger” (NIMR), began the advance of armored vehicles and tanks in the Eastern areas of Aleppo.

Reports of renewed fighting in Aleppo began to arrive since last Thursday. The situation has become a topic of discussion at last Sunday’s emergency meeting of the UN Sobota. The initiator of convening the meeting by the US, Britain and France.

The US and Britain criticized Russia, and assigned to it the blame for the failure of the agreement on the ceasefire. In the Kremlin the day before called unacceptable rhetoric the US and the UK against Russia on Syria.