“Almaz-Antey” has denied the findings of the international investigation of the deaths of MH17

As reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the statement of the group conducted three experiments to the situation with MH17 confirms that the missile was launched from the area of settlement zaramensky, controlled at the time by the Ukrainian army.

Zaroshchens’ke is located approximately 23 km from the village of Pervomayskaya, where, according to JIT, was launcher.

On a press-conferences in Moscow the adviser of the chief designer of the concern “Almaz-Antey” Mikhail Malyshev said that at a press conference JIT practically raised technical issues, and an international Commission was considered a model in which the missile flew to the aircraft on a collision course. Thus Malyshev pointed out that the Dutch experts made a mistake in determining areas of damages and in determining the course of the missile. In particular, the damage shown on the 3D model of the Commission, did not reflect reality.

Malyshev also indicated that Dutch experts made a mistake in evaluating the combat part of the projectile, which led to a change in the characteristics. According to him, the Dutch did not consider secret documents about the missiles that were sent to them in June 2015. Did not take into account foreign specialists and distribution density of holes, says Malyshev.

“The technical report used inaccurate information,” — said Malyshev, indicating that the experiments of the group confirmed the rightness of “Almaz-Antey”.

Transferring a large number of experiments, Malyshevsky said that the company has concluded that the missile could be released from the area South of zaroshchens’ke.

The representative of Lianozovsky Electromechanical plant Viktor Meshcheryakov said that the locator has not seen the missile, fired from the Snow, and then, with a probability of 99.99% rocket did not take off from there. “The missile was launched from a different direction,” he said.

Earlier, the international Commission investigating the crash of the Boeing 777, said that the missile launch was carried out from fields near Pervomayskaya, which was controlled by units of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic.

The investigators thus argued that he had checked the version of the running of the village zaroshchens’ke, however, found no evidence that the missile flew from there. In addition, the Commission argued that zaroshchens’ke that day also controlled the militia.

June 2, 2015 the representative of the DNR information center Konstantin Knyrik has declared to Agency “Interfax” that “zaroshchens’ke at that time was under the control of Kiev”. The same was said and the Deputy corps commander of Ministry of defence DND Eduard Bacurin.

After launch, according to the investigators, “Buk” was returned to Russia through the Snow, Debaltsevo and Lugansk. At the press conference were shown recordings that testify to the fact that on 18 July the installation on the tractor had already left the territory of Ukraine.

During the presentation were shown pictures of the contrail of the rocket with reference to the terrain. In the course of the investigation and interviewed those witnesses who were near the launch site. They spoke about sounded loud sound, and the inversion-track. Trail from the rocket also fell on the three pictures, they show something like a column of smoke.

JIT also published a list of defendants in the case are interested in the result. Investigators have recordings of phone calls that lead Nikolai Fedorovich Callsign Dolphin and Andrey Callsign Orion. To record Dolphin and Orion discuss the promotion of unknown columns to the Snow. JIT said that, these guys may not have any relation to the downed Boeing.