The Russian foreign Ministry responded to the statement of the Department of state about possible terrorist attacks in Russia

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on the state Department statement noted that “such ventriloquism about the “bodies in bags”, “terrorist attacks in Russian cities” and “loss of aircraft” is more like a command “bite” than review of a diplomat”. About Zakharova wrote in her Facebook.

The day before at a briefing the official representative of state Department of the USA John Kirby, asked about the possible consequences for Russia in case of failure of the ceasefire agreement in Syria, allowed the extremists to expand their activities and will probably go on the attack in the Russian cities.

“The civil war in Syria continues, the extremists and their groups will expand the area of their actions, which, of course, will include attacks on Russian interests, perhaps even in Russian cities, and Russia continues to send military home in bags for transportation of corpses, and will continue to incur losses, perhaps in the form of aircraft,” — said Kirby.

Zakharova in his Facebook also wondered who, in the opinion of the United States, will carry out similar attacks. “This (terrorist acts, extremism) will “moderate”? The ones that six months, Washington could not be separated from Nusra? (banned in Russia)”, — she wrote.

“The terrorist attacks in France, USA and other countries, beheading in Syria by ISIS (ISIL, is prohibited in Russia) people of all nationalities — it’s kind of a different paradigm? Perhaps another “parallel reality”?” — asked their colleagues from the United States the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Before Kirby also said that US authorities have begun to discuss “non-diplomatic answers” on the failure of the truce in Syria. What options are being discussed, Kirby did not elaborate, but later, Reuters, citing sources in the US administration clarified on what exactly the hard answer options question.

According to the Agency, among them air strikes on the positions of Bashar Assad, supplying the rebels more sophisticated weapons (the interlocutors Reuters called the most probable), as well as sending a large American contingent for learning Kurdish and Syrian rebel groups.

The news Agency stressed that, before taking any of the discussed options, Washington will first have to perform a “threat to Kerry, and to terminate the cooperation with Russia on Syria.”