Former shareholder of Bank “Russia” will be engaged in winemaking in the Crimea

Former shareholder of Bank “Russia” will be engaged in winemaking in the Crimea

Investment agreement for the construction of the winery and vineyards were signed with the government of Crimea in March 2016, according to the materials of the investment portal of the Republic. Contracts a total of 1.32 billion rubles were signed with two companies: OOO “invest Alko” (the agreement on 781,43 RUB million), it will, in particular, “the creation of modern enterprises for the growing of fruit and vegetables agricultural products and fresh fruits” and OOO “Tavrika-Crimea” (543,2 million rubles), which plans construction of a plant for bottling and preservation, processing and bottling of still wines and brandies.” The government of the Republic, in turn, will present to investors to rent land for 49 years. According to the information card projects implemented in the village Fruit the Bakhchsarai area.

The declared volume of investments into the project could become one of the largest in the region. As noted by Pavel Shvets, the owner of the winery Uppa Winary in the Crimea, the cost of planting one hectare of vineyards in average 1-1,5 million rubles “, Respectively, the area of vineyards in a project may aim for 1000 ha. Even if we add the cost of the construction of the winery and processing complex, it is still obvious that it must be a big and serious project,” — said the source .

Vladimir and Dmitry

As it turned out , invest, OOO Alko” and JSC “Tavrika-Crimea” are actually two groups of common owners profile and not previously declared on their projects in the alcohol market. The first is the structure of a distribution group “Agora” Nikolay Safronov, Mikhail Zhuravlev, provider of the famous wines of FGUP PAO Massandra” (the enterprise belongs to the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation). The company has more than 20 years has been supplying wines from the Crimea (in addition to the “Massandra” wine also delivers Inkerman factory of vintage wines), Georgia, Montenegro, Hungary, as well as developing a network of branded stores “Massandra”. In addition, businesses affiliated with the two large enterprises — wine house “Footsal”, located in the village of Tankove, Bakhchisaray district of Crimea (produces wines “Tavria cellar”, “Treasures of the Crimea”), and wineries “, Twinko” in the Krasnodar region. The last holding, according to its own data, 480 hectares of vineyards, is engaged in revival of Russian traditional grape varieties”. In particular, the company plans planting of new indigenous (local) varieties — “Citron”, “Moldova”, as well as increasing the number of vines “Worthy”, “Vladimir” and “Dmitri” (the last two varieties were bred in 2015 in the North-Caucasian zonal research Institute of horticulture and viticulture).

Partners “Agora” on a new project in the Crimea was a structure affiliated with Natalia Svitova, which until 2014 was the shareholder of Bank “Russia”. Owned 75% Svitova the company “Transstroy” (another 25% was owned by Michael Botvinkina, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Finservice”) in different periods belonged to 3.32% of the voting shares of the Bank. By the end of 2014, Transstroy from the shareholders came out, but a shareholder of the Bank is the sister of Natalia Tatiana Svitova, which as of 12 July 2016 belonged to 5,358% of the voting shares of the Bank “Russia” (owns through the company “Overpas-invest”).

Development of Russian wine-making

Winemaking is one of the priority directions of development of agriculture. According to the Ministry of agriculture “concept of development of viticulture and winemaking in Russia up to 2025, for the period 2013-2015, the production volume of wine production (including cognac) increased by 25.5% and amounted to 85,1 million dal. Increased in 2015 and the level of state support for planting and care of the vineyards from the Federal budget allocated to 1,015 billion rubles, which is 3.6 times more than in 2014. In 2016, the amount of state support for planting and care of the vineyards will be 2,419 billion. Among the main directions of state policy in the field of development of viticulture and winemaking also provides for the increase of subsidies for compensation of expenses to plantation and care of vineyards to 80% of the costs incurred and the reimbursement of interest portion of the loan for the construction, reconstruction and modernization of facilities for the production of wines made from Russian grapes.

“The Crimean pearl”

To invest in Crimean vineyards, and farms in the Krasnodar region a non-core investors have become quite long, but in the last two years, there was a period of translation of the private projects in Federal scale. One of the first such “outputs” was the appearance in 2015 on the shelves of major retailers under the brands of wine Valley of Alma — the Crimean winery, which market participants attributed with the head of VTB group Andrey Kostin. It was here in July last year after a visit to the state Council came an impressive delegation of officials and businessmen led by President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Small private winery Château Côtes de Saint-Daniel, the owner of which called the structure of the head of LUKOIL Vagit Alekperov, at the beginning of this year, “rooted” from 36.4 ha: the businessman bought the former land of the vineyard “Massandra” under Gurzuf at auction.