Medvedev urged to abandon the “carpet bombing” of the business

To control the operation of the business of the state shall, where the absence of supervision endangers the life and health of people, instead of “uninterruptedly”, said the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, speaking Friday at the international investment forum in Sochi.

“That business just became easier to breathe, need a serious “reset” of the system of state control and supervision. Not a business “carpet bombing” and packs issuing various regulations,” said Medvedev (quoted by “Interfax”).

The Prime Minister noted that the reform of the national audit office has already done a lot, but in the future “there is still much to do”, and in doing so, not to leave without supervision of the state really need in this sphere and to provide “absolute protection” of the interests of the people.

“The state should guarantee the quality and safety of drugs, products, any other goods and services due to the construction of essentially new system of control and operation in the security sphere”, — quotes the words of Medvedev, TASS reported.

In late August, Medvedev signed a decree on reducing the number of business inspections in the areas of communication and sanitary-epidemiological and fire control. Starting in 2017, the intensity and form of checks on these types of supervision will depend on the degree of risk in a particular facility. The objects of the first, second and third classes of danger (for example, organisations operating particularly radiation hazardous and nuclear hazardous production enterprises) will be subject to regular scheduled inspections.

At the same time at the enterprises of average and moderate risk planned inspections will not be spending more than once during the period referred to a specific kind of state control. And objects least, the sixth, hazard class, and all will be exempt from routine inspections.

In early July, President Vladimir Putin instructed to prepare proposals on strengthening the responsibility of law enforcement officers for acts that lead to unnecessary prosecution of business. Earlier, the head of state said that the security forces should “take personal responsibility for inappropriate actions that led to the destruction of the business.”