Pamfilova made for the transfer of the single voting day on October

In an interview with radio station “Echo of Moscow” Pamfilova responded to the question about the possible transfer of uniform day of voting on a later date. “Today, my point is that Yes, at least at the end of September — beginning of October. It would be much better”, — quotes the head of the CEC, the Agency “Interfax”.

This year in the single voting day that fell on September 18, the state Duma elections were low turnout. To the polls come less than half of the electorate, and as a result, in the elections participated only 47,88% of the citizens registered in the lists. In the elections in Moscow and St. Petersburg on election day has recorded a record low turnout.

Speaking now on the air “Echo”, Pamfilova noted that in some regions of Russia were too high was the turnout. “The high turnout high turnout strife. For example, Karachay-Cherkessia, very difficult situation with Dagestan”, — Pamfilova said on Thursday, noting that in such matters it is necessary to understand.

As written, the experts evaluated the election campaign of 2016 as the most sluggish over the past ten years. The experts of the movement “Voice” has called her listless and “not left an appreciable trace information”, explaining that the midst of the campaign came in the summer holidays that coincided with the passivity and the politicians themselves.

Since 1993, the elections to the Duma took place in December. Last summer, the lower house adopted the law on the postponement of the election date, the election would be held in a single voting day on September 18. For this decision voted to “United Russia”, LDPR and “Fair Russia” against the Communist party.

Approval of the transfer of the deputies got in the constitutional court (CC), the judges came to the conclusion that no breach of that election will be held a few months before the expiration of five years, no. The COP decided that the law does not preclude the divergence of the real and the statutory deadlines for achieving the constitutional objectives. And the postponement of the elections on the single voting day, the judges felt for such a purpose, explaining that including a possible increase in voter turnout.