Kerry secretly invited the Syrians to defeat Assad in the elections

As the newspaper notes, the meeting at the permanent representation of the Netherlands at the headquarters of the UN was held on September 22 and lasted about 40 minutes.

It was attended by about 20 people, including Syrians and diplomats from 3-4 countries.” During it, Kerry said that the best solution would be the arrival of opposition into power through the political settlement and the inclusion of the opposition in a transitional government in Damascus.

“At some point, Kerry was stunned as the Syrians, when they suggested that they should participate in the elections, in which will participate incumbent President Bashar al-Assad,” — the newspaper writes. Kerry further assured that such an election would be conducted by Western and middle Eastern States and the UN, “in accordance with the most stringent standards.” According to Kerry, to participate in them would be allowed, millions of Syrians have left their home country due to her going in armed conflict.

“Will be able to vote anyone who is registered as a refugee anywhere in the world. Perhaps they will vote for Assad? Assad is afraid of this”, — said the head of the state Department. The newspaper notes that such a scenario was disappointed the Syrians. After that, Kerry asked: “do you think that the only solution is if someone would come and get rid of Assad?”. Hearing an affirmative response, the head of the Department of state inquired whether the Syrians see in this role.

“Three years ago I would have told you. But I don’t know,” replied his companion.