The Turkish Parliament has authorized the army a year to conduct operations in Syria and Iraq

The Turkish Parliament approved the request of the Cabinet to extend for one year the authority of the Armed forces to conduct operations in Syria and Iraq, according to Haberturk. The mandate was extended until October of next year.

The current mandate expires on 2 Oct. In this connection, the government on 20 September asked lawmakers to extend them for another year.

The mandate allows the Turkish army to carry out military operations outside the country — in Syria and Iraq.

August 24, Ankara launched the operation “shield of the Euphrates” in Syria. When Turkey entered the territory of a neighbouring country about 40 tanks, which were supported by about a thousand Syrian rebels.

In early September opened a new front in Syria, about 25 km West of the site of the initial operation.

Defense Minister of Turkey Fikri Ishik September 29, said that Ankara will be built on the border with Syria, the wall length of 911 km, and It will happen, he predicted that by the spring of 2017.