Mae announced “the great law of cancellation” to the country’s withdrawal from the EU

Prime Minister Theresa may is going to take the first step towards exit from the EU, reports the Financial Times. We are talking about the “great act of abolition,” as he put Mei in an interview with the Sunday Times, which again will make the UK a sovereign and independent state”.

We are talking about the cancellation of the European communities Act 1972, which introduced European Union legislation in the UK. It is expected that the British Prime Minister announced the introduction of a law abolishing the Act at the annual Conservative party conference in Birmingham on Sunday. Information about the abolition of this Act will also be included in the annual Queen’s speech.

Mei added that he will wait until after parliamentary elections in Germany, to activate article 50 of the Lisbon agreement – a formal legal notification of the EU partners that the country leaves the bloc. According to the British Prime Minister, the timing to start Brexit will be based on British interests and not for the convenience of European countries.

“The power of EU law in the UK will end,” she added.

In June of this year in the UK held a referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. That country left the bloc voted most – 51,9% of the population.